Looking For free wifi in Dublin? Here are your options

Even been stuck in a situation where you were looking for free wifi in Dublin? Here we have made the job easier for you. Have a look!

Visiting and don’t know where to find free wifi in Dublin? You are just in the right place. If you are someone who travels a lot for work or just for the fun of it, you know how difficult it can be to deal with connectivity issues in a foreign country. We are here to help you navigate and travel through Dublin city without a stable internet connection.

So it is handy for you to read where exactly you can find public wifi in Dublin city centre and around.

Free wifi at Dublin Airport

As soon as you land in Dublin, you will have plenty of access to free internet. The best part about the Dublin airport wifi is that it is strong enough to hold a stable connection. If you plan on getting some work done before hitting the road, you can stay in for a bit, finish the work and maybe also figure out an itinerary. It would also help you book a cab through FreeNow or Bolt app. 

Free wifi in Dublin cafes

The next best option to look for is any random cafe or restaurant. Almost all cafes will have an open wifi which you can enjoy with a cup of coffee and in case of no availability, you can always talk to the staff. People in Dublin are known to be helpful and you will always have the option to ask for help if you urgently need a hotspot.

The pubs!

If you manage to pull off half the day without internet on your phone, you can always get into a bar or pub for a quick pint of Guinness and wifi on the side of course. Again, most pubs in Dublin have free wifi access and for the ones that dont, it’s usually just a conversation away from the floor or bar staff. You can also figure out the best way to get home before you leave.


This is another great option to consider if you are in dire need of an internet connection. Universities like UCD and Trinity have open wifi and there are also so many places to see and enjoy on campus. You might struggle with the speed for a bit but you can get the basics done.

Dublin Bus

The best part about Dublin road transport has to be the free wifi available on Dublin Bus. This provision is unfortunately unavailable on the Luas but in most cases there is a good bus connection from every place in Dublin. The only problem with wifi in Dublin bus is that it might fail or be turned off in some cases so relying on it completely is not advised.

Sania Kadar
Sania Kadar

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