7 cosy and laptop friendly cafés in Dublin

While remote working had already been around for a while, the pandemic has proven to many companies that remote working is doable and can be a better set-up for their employees. For many people, working remotely means they can cut out a large portion of their day that would previously have been taken up by commuting to work. Similarly, by having their employees work remotely, businesses can cut back on some costs such as electricity and food catering (if their company provides that for employees).

Can I work in Cafés?

So, with more and more companies and jobs going partially, or fully, remote, where are people meant to work? For some people, working from the comfort of their own home is the ideal set-up. This means they don’t have to wake up earlier to catch the bus into work, that they get the peace and quiet needed to be able to work more efficiently, and that they are able to take their lunch breaks whenever they get hungry.

For others however, the idea of working from home can sound like the worst option available to them. Some homes may be too noisy for people to be able to concentrate in, with roommates or family members making noise and distracting them. For others, the idea of working in the same room where they’re supposed to be relaxed does not sound like a good idea. 

Some people simply get too distracted in their own homes because of things like the TV, and an easily accessible place to sleep if they get tired or bored. Others simply do not have the space to do so.

So, what is the solution to working from home, but not being able to? Working remotely from a cafe is a great alternative to working from home. Keep reading to find seven of the best cafes in Dublin to assure a quiet work environment where you will be able to concentrate on work and enjoy a tasty treat while you do so.

Caffè Nero

If you’re walking around Dublin city, you’re sure to come across at least one Caffè Nero. With cafes in Temple Bar, O’Connell Street, and Dawson Street, to name a few, you are never far from these coffee shops.

Caffè Nero serves a variety of hot and cold drinks at reasonable prices to keep you motivated and hydrated as you work. There is also a nice selection of treats and sandwiches available to keep you going if you start to get hungry. The coffee shop chain also has a loyalty card system, which means if you frequent Caffè Nero to work, you could benefit by building up points and receiving exclusive rewards.

With stable WiFi connections, work-friendly tables, numerous power sockets available, and no dirty looks from staff to make you feel unwanted, it is no wonder that so many people like to work at Caffè Nero. If you’re by Trinity College, why not check out the Caffè Nero on Dawson Street for a beautiful and inviting open space to work.

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Image via Caffè Nero instagram.


Similarly to Caffè Nero, there is no shortage of Insomnia cafés throughout Dublin. With locations all over, you are sure to find the perfect location to sit down and focus on doing some work. Whether you are looking for a small coffee shop to work in, or a large one with a lot of natural light, Insomnia is sure to have what you are looking for.

With a large selection available on the drinks menu (including some of the best hot chocolate available), Insomnia has many options when it comes to drink choices. There are also a variety of treats on display to keep you motivated when working.

With stable WiFi, spacious tables, and a welcoming environment, Insomnia is a great option if you are looking for a quiet place to be able to work on your own or in a group.

Image via Insomnia instagram.


Probably the most obvious location on this list, but for very good reason. There are endless Starbucks locations throughout the whole world, and that is no different here in Dublin. With an extensive and ever changing drinks menu to choose from, there is no need to pick the same option twice. There is also a drink for everyone, whether you’re a coffee or a tea drinker, or if you prefer something sweeter, Starbucks has you covered. And don’t forget about the loyalty rewards app.

With good and stable WiFi, comfortable seating, and endless power sockets, Starbucks might just be your next favourite place to work.

If you’re along the quays, why not pop into the Starbucks on Crampton Quay and check out the large and spacious seating area downstairs where there are a number of tables and sofas to get comfortable in while you work away.

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Image via Starbucks instagram.

KC Peaches

With locations on Nassau Street, Dame Street, and St Stephen’s Green, there is sure to be a KC Peaches near you.With a wide menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, KC Peaches is always ready to welcome you. 

The KC Peaches located on the corner of the Dame Street and George’s Street junction offers those looking to work in a cafe the perfect location to do so (the opening hours here are: 7.30am-6pm Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm on Saturday, and 9pm-5pm on Sundays). For any book-enthusiasts, KC Peaches on Dame Streets now has a book swap in their cosy tea room where you can pick up a book that looks interesting to you to take it home and read, provided you leave another book you’ve already read for another book-lover to enjoy.

The seating area on the first floor of the cosy café on Dame Street has free WiFi and sockets to ensure that you can work comfortably and efficiently for as long as you need. This, on top of the tasty meals and treats that KC Peaches offers, is sure to create the perfect environment for anyone who likes a little bit of chatter in the background to work.

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Image via KC Peaches instagram.

Mind the Step

Located at 24 Great Strand Street, Dublin 1, Mind the Step is a funky little café that doubles as a dance studio. But don’t worry, this is sure to not interrupt you as you work in the café as the dance studios can be found in the mezzanine and the basement of the building.

Unlike some of the other cafés on this list, Mind the Step closes much later in the evening, so anyone who feels like they work better later in the evenings can take full advantage of this arrangement. The opening hours here are 10am-9pm on Mondays, 10am-11pm Tuesday to Saturday, and 10am-8pm on Sundays. The staff at Mind the Step, however, have implemented a ‘No laptops on weekends’ policy, so if you are looking for a place to work on the weekends, this may not be the place for that.

With a calm and welcoming atmosphere first thing in the morning, this is the perfect spot to pop in, have a nice cup of coffee and a pastry, and attempt to get some work done. You are sure to feel both relaxed and motivated during your time at Mind the Step.

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Frank and Honest

Frank and Honest, an Irish coffee brand, has gradually become a go-to for many Irish coffee drinkers. Before 2019, Frank and Honest had only been available within Centra and SuperValu stores. Now, they have their very own little coffee shops, and they have become the perfect place to study and work. 

With delicious drink options and an assortment of pastries, sandwiches and wraps, there is no shortage of reasons to try out Frank and Honest the next time you are looking for somewhere comfortable and quiet to work.

Make sure to also check out the Frank and Honest loyalty card app where you can scan your virtual card every time you order a drink. After ten drinks, you will be rewarded with an eleventh free drink, giving you even more reasons to keep returning there to work. 

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Image via Frank and Honest instagram.

Grove Road cafe and eatery

Located in Rathmines, Grove Road provides a great environment to work away in. With stable WiFi, numerous power sockets, and work-friendly tables, this café is a must try for anyone who is working from home but would like to get out of the house.

Grove Road Cafe also allows longer stays without staff ushering you out, provided of course that you order something, which means that you can work uninterrupted and without worry. This is the perfect place if you are looking for somewhere to work solo. This may not be the best location for group working, however.

With an extensive menu of breakfast, brunch, and lunch options, and a large variety of drinks available, you are sure to not go hungry while working in the Grove Road cafe. And who knows? This might just be your next favourite place to get some work done.

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Image via groveroadcafe.ie

Make sure to check out these cosy and laptop friendly cafés the next time you’re on the lookout for a new place to work.

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