Galway Food Festival

Food festivals are quite popular. It’s a good occasion to not only try local products but also seasonal food from different regions. Next week from 13th-17th April a very tasty event takes place in Galway. During this time parts of Galway will turn into open-air markets with delicious regional products. In addition, you will see restaurants trails, cookery demonstrations as well as food which will introduce into the local producers world. There you can attend wine and beer workshops, food talks and tasting, foraging trips, as well as meet and talk to artisan producers. Naturally, the festival is not only for adults, there will be some activities for children as well. The festival is well – known and over 75 restaurants are taking part in it. Furthermore, while you will be enjoying eating food, you will simultaneously be exploring the diverse character of Galway and celebrate Galway’s food diaspora.

Galway is a city on Ireland’s west coast. Like most cities and towns in Ireland, Galway is a melting, that’s why you may have the chance to try multicultural cuisines. Certainly, during the festival you will explore the Irish history and the best traditional dishes.

The festival is well organised and full of attractions. It starts every day at 8 am and lasts till around 10 pm, ensuring you will not get bored.


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