How to have your summer vibe going while still staying safe during COVID-19

One-third of summer 2020 has almost gone unnoticed due to COVID-19. Now you’re probably wondering if there is a way to feel the summer vibe in the following two months. Some restrictions will be lifted soon, so the question arises: how can we have a safe COVID-19 summer?

Travel abroad is unlikely

Summertime is the time when everybody wants to change the scenery and explore new places, but COVID-19 forced many to give up their vacation plans. Now, when life slowly moves towards normality, some might still be hoping for a vacation abroad, but the bad news is that it is very unlikely.

While other countries gradually ease their travel restrictions, Ireland keeps its borders shut with no clear plan on when it will change. Although Ryanair are planning to resume their flights starting 1 July, it is still unclear whether it will be possible, and if not, whether those who paid for it will get their refund. In any case, if someone does have a chance to travel abroad, they will have to spend 14 days in self-isolation on return to Ireland.

Travel inside the country

summer vibe covid-19

The good news is, you can travel anywhere in Ireland and also to offshore islands from 29 June. It’s a great time to unravel the country you’re living in, no matter if you’re a local or a foreigner. Here are  10 hidden places in Ireland you can discover. You can travel to further parts of the country, go hiking somewhere nearby or take a road trip in your car.

But before you grab your backpack, make sure you are taking safety measures. Of course, it is safer when you are travelling with the members of your household. But if you’re travelling with people who are not living with you, make sure you keep a distance of two metres. It’s fairly easy if you go hiking, but road trips are more dangerous as you will most likely be enclosed in a small space. In that case, open the windows and try to sit as far as possible from each other.

Picnics instead of barbecues for people from different households

summer vibe covid-19

Social distancing is still very important, so meeting people outside your household requires more precautions for a safe COVID-19 summer. But if you’re craving for human contact after almost four months of quarantine, you have to choose a safer option. Barbecues might not be a good idea as they often involve people standing close to each other around the grill. Plus, alcohol may result in people’s neglecting social distancing.

Instead, you can have a picnic, which is a great summer idea both for one or a few households. Choose your favourite spot in nature; for example, you can go to Iveagh Gardens, where you can stay until the late evening, or to Howth Head with its spectacular view. Grab some food and drinks, a blanket, perhaps a mosquito spray and sunscreen. If you’re going with people outside your household, just take more blankets and sit two metres apart.

Cafes and restaurants after the quarantine

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After the quarantine, dinner in a restaurant seems a very special occasion. Having a tasty meal with a refreshing drink can also be a great summer experience. According to Phase 3 of the government roadmap, cafes and restaurants will reopen starting from 29 June, so soon you will be able to go to your favourite restaurant and have dinner not cooked by yourself.

Those who can’t wait to party all night will have to forget about clubs and discos for a while. Pubs will still remain closed at least until 20 July, but if a pub operates as a restaurant and serves food, it can open sooner. There’s a couple of pubs in Dublin that you will be able to visit next week:

Listen to the music!

summer vibe covid-19

The coronavirus cancelled concerts and music festivals, but it doesn’t mean we can’t feel the summer vibes listening to the good old live music. It has transcended all barriers, and now it’s a totally new experience. Read more about drive-in concerts and digital festivals here.

Have fun in the water

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Summertime is easily associated with having fun in the water. Plus, swimming helps to cool down in hot weather and relax, which all of us desperately want to do! COVID is not transmitted through water, so you can have a safe COVID-19 summer at the beach swimming and sunbathing. Plus, Irish weather is banging at the moment.

You can also go to a public swimming pool, as they will also reopen on 29 June. Check our list of public swimming pools in Dublin.

Eat lots of ice cream

summer vibe covid-19

Children and adults love ice cream! Besides, it’s an easy way to feel the summer and to cool down when it’s too hot. You might have heard that low temperatures are more optimal for the coronavirus. Should you ignore ice cream shops then? Don’t be scared: even if an infected person sneezes on your ice cream (although we strongly advise against having anybody sneeze on it), there’s a little chance that you will catch the coronavirus. But you should be careful while waiting for your gelato in an ice cream shop with other people.

If your June hasn’t been as you wanted it to be, it doesn’t mean the coronavirus has already ruined your summer. There’s plenty of opportunities to have a safe COVID-19 summer in the next two months. But if you decide to stay at home, don’t be sad because it’s also fine!

Your favourite summer activity isn’t mentioned here? Share it with us in the comments below!

Kamila Mushkina
Kamila Mushkina

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