Ireland Based Tech Start-Ups 2021

The world has been waiting for this year to have a new beginning, where there is recovery while also a benefit in the economy of the countries that have fallen through.

Ireland is one of the countries to have experienced negative economic COVID-19 outcomes, and are expecting so much from 2021. It could be a year for entrepreneurs. After all the chaos caused by the pandemic, Ireland is not looking back at what the year 2020 bought but is now moving forward with the growth of start-ups in the tech industry.

2021 has a lot to bring, and here are a few start-ups to look out for:


Bounce Insights

Changing the ways of market research, this Dublin based start-up is opening up to the researchers to get the answers directly from the target audience. This company was founded by five Trinity College graduates of Business and Computer Science backgrounds. They started working as a team in January 2019.

This company is moving forward to turn around the ways of market research directly from the Bounce Insights dashboard. They are united to change the narrative, “we think” to “we know”.  

The Beauty Buddy

Ireland Based Tech Start-ups 2021
Image Credit: Irish Tech News

The Beauty Buddy, a company built by sisters Wendy Slattery and Tracy Levy, is committed to the cosmetic and beauty industry. The data is collected from the consumers directly through their social interactions, through a product review app that has been drawn out for the beauty consumers.

This company provides more than just real-time insights; also helps global retailers with actionable data.

Campus Connect

How shall a new student manage with so many unknown students at the university? Not understanding whom to meet for the shortcomings of his/her course is something that all new students go through.

Campus Connect is an app that is designed to connect the new students of the University or even the current students with the graduates of the same course or any course for that matter.

As the classes have moved online due to COVID-19, this app is more than helpful to students to chat with their university graduates and build up a community.

Used by Irish and UK universities, this company was founded by Daniel Hinkley and Declan Sweeney.

This app is also helpful to give a chance to students at home and overseas, to study at their university.


To keep projects on track and prevent failures, this company has developed artificial intelligence answers. This Galway start-up is at work with the world’s largest companies which are unleashing new insights for company strategy that traditional terms can’t reach.

“Project Management is integral to the enterprise. The majority of the work is and will continue to be project-based”, explained Chatspace CEO and founder, John Clancy.


The Waterford company, headquartered in Dungarvan, Flexiwage is to entitle the employees to have their salaries paid their way throughout the working month. It understands the global issue that is that the low-income earners are struggling to live in overdraft or credit facilities that are not covered within their income; just because of how the income and expenses are to come.

The founder Anthony Cronin spent years in companies waiting for his income to be shot in his account and he understood that something must be done. “A financial wellness plan, Flexiwage would benefit the employees that can enable them to schedule their wage in a frequency that can suit their needs without affecting the company’s ability to process monthly payroll”, Cronin explained.

Health Beacon

Ireland based Tech Start-ups 2021
Image Credit: Irish Times

Health Beason is a tech platform that has been developed to help patients to stick to their medications with digital reminders.

The flagship product is a smart sharps bin that can be used by patients who inject the medication at home.

The smart sharp bin is connected to the patient’s smartphone and is used for the disposal of injecting pens and syringes. It is also to track the adherence to medication routines and also to remind the patients to stay on track, if necessary.

The company is founded by Jim Joyce and Kieran Daly.


A virtual showroom, Skmmp works with wholesale orders and since the onset of COVID-19, it has grown into a company that is in talks with major fashion brands to help them digitize their collections. This Irish fash-tech is a supply chain that helps optimize products for the fashion industry; the designers, wholesalers, and retailers.

This was founded by Aileen Carville who is focused on the $27bn luxury fashion industry.

Ireland Based Tech Start-ups 2021
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The founder Fionan Murphy is focused on having his company be the important aspect of starting a business, business plans, and mentor and investor resources needed by every entrepreneur. This Howth based company is directed to be the all-in-all resource for start-ups globally.


Ireland Based Tech Start-ups 2021
Image Credit: Irish Times

CarTrawlers’ Bobby Healy is working with yet another company, Manna.Aero. It is an interesting company that is dedicated to using drones for delivering goods. Initially, it was focused on just-food deliveries but with the pandemic, it turned in the way of delivering medication and critical supplies where needed.

This idea has already attracted venture capital firms Elkstone Capital and Frontline Ventures and has raised $3m funding in December 2019. If successful, Healy could be the face of a breakthrough in transportation platforms that could make road transport of goods history.

Teach Kloud

Ireland based Tech-Start-ups 2021
Image Credit: Irish Times

A Cork-based ed-tech cloud management platform is designed in a way that allows pre-school managers to work smart and cut the time that is spent on administration to improve the delivery of teaching by the staff. It is founded by Dr. Wendy Oke.

The company recently announced a €750,000 investment that would address the market, estimating the worth of €215bn by 2025.

It is identified to be a high potential start-up by Enterprise Ireland. It is accessible via web browsers which can enable teachers to streamline every aspect that is related to managing the business, follow up the regulations, and communicate with the parents.


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