Yukti Khera

Yukti Khera

A young writer with an open mind towards what life has to offer. She tends to display her views through her writing while also keeping into account different points of view of people. Her desire is to conquer world diversities as much as possible with the determination to let the voice of everyone be heard.

10 Surprising Facts about Ireland

10 surprising facts about Ireland

Ireland has its way of surprising the world with its old and new discoveries. The country’s exceptional food and drinks have already won our hearts, as Ireland’s welcoming hospitality continues to attract tourists. Still, Ireland always finds new ways of…

Archeology Of Ireland

archeology of Ireland

Ireland is known for its heritage and cultural diversity. We look at Ireland as a beautiful historical destination that has its own archeological aspects. There have been a lot of archeological findings in this country which has grown its heritage…

8 Incredible Innovations of 2020

8 incredible innovations of 2020

The year 2020 is about to end and we are still fighting the pandemic. Yet, the world didn’t stop and there are many areas that developed several innovations. Innovations are something new brought into the world; an idea, a change,…

Kilbrittain Castle: The Oldest Castle

Kilbrittain Castle: the oldest

Castles, predominantly built in the Middle Ages, were homes and offices of the nobility, royalty, and military orders. They are often confused with palaces, which are not fortified. A fortress is not always a home to royals, a castle also…

Irish Flag

Irish Flag

The Irish flag, or in Irish, the ‘Bratach na hÉireann’ is composed of an equal vertical tricolor combination of green near the hoist followed by white and orange. Though, it wasn’t too long ago when the Irish flag officially became…