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Renting a car in Ireland

By Jacqueline Russe / January 8, 2020

Many people coming to Ireland rent a car to do a road trip around the island. But renting a car in Ireland can prove to be difficult if you don’t know what to look out for. It is not surprising that more and more people opt to rent a car or share it with another […]


St. Stephen’s Day and January sales 2019

By Fernanda Otero / December 23, 2019

Christmas hasn’t even arrived and already we are talking about the sales which are just around the corner. Even though we are still a few days out, a lot of retailers have decided to kick things off early, with the St. Stephen’s Day and January sales in Ireland 2019. Shopping, shopping shopping, that’s what Christmas […]


How to get your prescription medication in Ireland

By Jacqueline Russe / December 18, 2019

Winter season is cold season! Do you know how to get your prescription medication in Ireland yet? As I’m writing this article I’m wiping my running nose, huddled under a bunch of warm blankets. My cold apparently decided to be resistant to the regular medicine you can get over the counter at the pharmacist, so […]


Have yourself a merry green Christmas: A guide

By Carlotta Cutrale / December 4, 2019

Christmas can be a joyful and affectionate time for many. But it is also a difficult time for raising awareness about the environment. Looking for some tips on how to reduce your impact on Mama Earth this festive season? Check out this guide on how to have a very green Christmas. Christmas is not just […]


Christmas charities in Ireland

By Chandni Janachandran / November 28, 2019

Christmas charities in Ireland makes sure everybody has a happy Christmas.  They say that charity benefits the giver more than the receiver, and Christmas is a perfect occasion to give. Here’s a list of some charity organisations in Ireland you can help.! 1) Help children UNICEF Ireland works across 190 countries and territories. Help children […]