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Trending Apps for 2021

By KathyAnn Murphy / April 12, 2021

As we all spend more time indoors over the past year, we have been glued to our phones as a form of social interaction, staying up to date with ongoing news reports on the current economic and health situation. However our phones have also been a form of continuous entertertainment. Apps that I find myself […]


The Rise of the Small Business: a feature of new online businesses

By KathyAnn Murphy / April 7, 2021

According to, starting an online business is the best way to make money but by no means can this be related to ‘getting rich quick’. Nevertheless, it is very plausible that your business could develop into a larger franchise. A lot of companies have actually moved online from physical sales. Not only has this […]


5 Irish fierce female entrepreneurs to watch out for in 2021

By Erica Carter / March 17, 2021

It takes a special type of person to become an entrepreneur. You need to be unafraid of risk and failure, steely in your determination to succeed, and be a jack of all trades, from marketing to production to accounting. It can be exhausting, challenging, and very scary, especially during the last year. 5.2 % of […]


Understanding and filing Irish tax returns

By Sonia / January 27, 2021

Tax! It’s the cursed word that all adults despise. I certainly do. The very idea of understanding the concept of comprehending, calculating, and paying your taxes seems daunting, but is there a silver lining? Are you paying more tax than you should and more importantly does the taxman owe YOU money? How does the Irish […]


Ireland: the 13th most expensive place in the world

By Natalie Briggs / January 22, 2021

  So, you’ve bitten the bullet. Whatever the reason – school, better work opportunities or finding a better life – you’ve moved to Ireland. And, it’s likely that, until you get your bearings, money is tight.  You’re not going to be pleased to hear this. On Monday, price comparison site, Numbeo, listed Ireland as the […]


Ireland Based Tech Start-Ups 2021

By Yukti Khera / January 14, 2021

The world has been waiting for this year to have a new beginning, where there is recovery while also a benefit in the economy of the countries that have fallen through. Ireland is one of the countries to have experienced negative economic COVID-19 outcomes, and are expecting so much from 2021. It could be a […]


How to Overcome Nomophobia – The Addiction to Your Phone

By Ugne Aksiutovaite / January 12, 2021

Nomophobia, the fear of being without a mobile device, is a growing fear in the modern world. People often turn to their phones while queuing up, waiting on public transport, when they find themselves in awkward social situations or simply out of boredom. Academic research has found that phones are one of the main obstacles […]


EU plastic ban 2021: eco-alternatives to single-use products

By Julia Villanueva / January 7, 2021

In 2019, the European Commission passed a directive regarding the use of plastic within the EU countries. Now, the year has come: from July 2021, single-use plastic products will no longer be available for purchase anywhere – not physically or online – in the EU. Even though this will not come into force until mid-2021, […]


9 amazing tips for financial planning in your 20s

By Sonia / January 4, 2021

  Your 20’s are your first taste of many new experiences. Whether it’s financial independence or moving out of home for the first time, there are many experiences that make you feel independent and powerful; however, with power comes responsibility. As much fun as it is to be young and free to do as you […]

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