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Coronavirus: 10 Tips for food shopping during quarantine

By Tami Pereira / March 26, 2020

Modern life is full of stress because we never stop. Now that we can stop, we are double stressed out. Going to the supermarket has become the main activity after the lockdown. Because of that, lots of people concentrate on these places damaging their health and that of others if the established norms are not […]


Dog poo seems to be a big issue in Dublin

By Peter Dlhopolec / March 12, 2020

Up to 7 in 10 people have walked in dog poo on the street in Dublin. Walking to school, work, or just to a nearby shop somewhere in Dublin may become an unpleasant experience as soon as one walks in dog poo. Dublin authorities said dog poo has turned into a major issue in public […]


Free books, events, and no penalties. Join a library in Ireland

By Peter Dlhopolec / March 7, 2020

If one joins a library in their community, they can use all libraries in Ireland. Ireland has come up with an uncommon way of managing libraries in an effort of luring more people back to these once highly respected educational institutions. A shared library management system, Libraries Ireland, makes it possible for any public library […]


Internet Options in Ireland

By Nicholas Lane / February 29, 2020

Access to the internet is paramount in our day and age, and as the cogs of the technological revolution continue to whir, more work is going remote, more contact is digital, and more import is placed on a high-speed internet connection.  There was a time a few years back, when it seemed Ireland wouldn’t be […]


Value Added Tax, VAT, in Ireland

By Emma Grove / February 28, 2020

VAT in Ireland is chargeable on the supply of goods and services within the State in the course or any business, and on goods imported into the State from outside the EU. Want more details? Read on! VAT in Ireland is a tax on consumer spending, therefore everyone who pays for goods and services pays […]


All you need to know about tax on savings and investments in Ireland

By Emma Grove / February 27, 2020

Most forms of investments and savings in Ireland are subject to tax liability on any gains. Not sure what this means for you? Below we’ve outlined the most common investment and saving schemes in Ireland and what they mean in terms of your tax liability. Read on for more information! Employee Share Option Schemes Employees […]


Social Welfare Means Testing in Ireland

By Jacqueline Russe / February 27, 2020

For some social welfare payment schemes, you must pass a means test. But what exactly is it and how does means testing in Ireland work? Some types of social welfare payments require you to satisfy a means test as well as a habitual residence test. The means test is a way of checking if you […]


Vehicle Registration Tax in Ireland

By Emma Grove / February 21, 2020

Whether you’re buying a new ride or importing your baby from another country, you must register your car with the Revenue Commission and pay a Vehicle Registration Tax in Ireland before you take to the roads. Not sure what Vehicle Registration Tax is? Read more to find out! When you buy a new car or […]


All you need to know about Capital Gains Tax in Ireland

By Jacqueline Russe / February 19, 2020

Different country, different customs, as well as different amounts of taxes to pay. There are some taxes you need to be aware of, like the Capital Gains Tax in Ireland. Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is a tax you pay on any profit made when you dispose of an asset. Not the whole amount you receive […]

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