Ireland reports 120,000 unemployed people this November

Ireland claimed less than 5% of unemployed in November.

Ireland’s unemployment rate did not change in November and remains at the same level as the previous month of 2019, 4.8%, standing at a near 13-year low, according to the Central Statistics Office.

The number of unemployed, however, rose by 100 job seekers in the above compared months. The CSO also said the unemployment rate overall has decreased by 0.8% over a year, meaning 17,600 jobseekers found employment.


In November 2019, there were a total of 117,800 people without a job in Ireland, the CSO said on December 3.

More men than women are jobless

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for males stood at 5.3%, unchanged from October 2019 and slightly down from the year before, by 0.3%.  A total of 70,600 men were jobless in November, which is an increase of almost one thousand males compared to October of this year.

Unemployment of women has gone down by a much greater factor over the year, falling from 5.7% in November 2018 to 4.2% last month. There were 47,100 females unemployed in November.

Youth unemployment still high  

Commenting on  Ireland’s November figures regarding the young unemployed, the CEO said that the rate in this case stood at 12.5%. It is a rise of 0.3% compared to October. In fact, the  figure is the highest over the previous four months.

A total of 36,900 young people, aged 15 and 24, were said to be unemployed. Of this figure, 21,900 were males.

Ireland’s unemployment rate went under 5% for the first time in August of this year, returning to its pre-crisis level. However, it is still far from the country’s lowest unemployment rate of 3.9% from November 2000.


Peter Dlhopolec
Peter Dlhopolec

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