Kinney – “Steal” Clip Premiere – Review

The music video for “Steal” by Kinney premiered on 14 April and it is available on all major platforms. “Steal” was the first song written for Kinney’s album So Glad You Exist, initially released in 2020. This brand new clip could be considered a new colour on the sonic canvas of the record, and further evidence of  Kinney’s artistic identity and her talent as a contemporary singer-songwriter. 

Kinney is a singer-songwriter who operates within the indie-folk genre, though her music also contains electronic elements. She currently resides in Los Angeles, where she has played numerous gigs and live performances at music venues in recent years. In addition to this, Kinney is also the co-founder of Bad Owl Records.

Clip & Its Visuals
The video was shot by Lake Effect Films and was directed and edited by Kinney, Kaitlin Stewart, and Kitty Cullen. Unquestionably, this clip was  professionally made – the editing was executed with precision and care, and the choreography suits the clip’s visuals very well. The mood the video creates could be related to the psychedelic elements that the tune contains sonically. Having said that, there is a coherent and stark connection between the music and visuals, which also supports Kinney’s artistic identity. It indicates to the listener Kinney’s clear artistic intentions. Referring back to the connection between music and visuals, many bands and artists put out clips with a lack of precision, and although these music videos may be useful for PR, the atmosphere and sometimes even their contents aren’t related to the music on any level. However, the added footage in the video of “Steal” strongly follows the dreamy vibe that the song demonstrates sonically, therefore it completely supports the artistic identity of Kinney and her album So Glad You Exist overall.

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Music & Production
The credits for this high quality production belong to Bad Owl Records’ co-founder Samuel Murphy. The vocals and the lead guitar sound really pure, a sort of reflection of what Kinney demonstrates in the choreography. Electronics have been widely used within the video, which makes the sound hybrid, in terms of nature. If we listen closely, due to the electronics we may discover the particular attributes that mark the psychedelia  found primarily within the LA music scene. On the other hand the lead guitar has an acoustic, natural tone that creates a smooth contrast to the electronic effects, generating a solid balance. The production is coherent and in my opinion only strengthens the sonic identity of the tune. 

The “Steal” video is another artistic piece that demonstrates the essential connection between body and mind, furthermore it reflects   and widens the sonic identity of the record So Glad You Exist. In addition to this, it gives us a more accurate vision of the directions where Kinney, as a contemporary singer-songwriter, is heading. In terms of sound, “Steal” is quite a mixture, containing attributes of indie-folk and electronic music at the same time, which shows how eclectic and colourful Kinney can be sonically. If electronic-indie-folk music was a mountain, Kinney’s music would definitely be one of its tallest summits. A distinctive and unique peak that could even reach the sky in time.

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