Aron Debreceni

Aron Debreceni

Aron is a journalist and a student of Utrecht University (NL). He has been doing his own singer-songwriter project 'Aron D' since 2016. Besides music, he is open to write articles about politics, education, health, history and travel.

Songs, Stories – Interview with ELLYD 

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Aron: As a musician, I’m always interested in hearing how other musicians’ musical journey began. Can you tell me about the moment when you decided to get into songwriting and who gave you the inspiration to start your artistic project?…

5 Songs by Prince to Listen to

5 Songs of Prince to Listen To

21 April 2021 was the 5th anniversary of the tragic passing of one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. Prince was not only a multi-instrumentalist, a singer-songwriter, and a producer; he was also a unique artist, who…

Review: José González – Visions

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14 April 2021 was the release date of the latest single “Visions” from the Swedish singer and songwriter José González. Six years have gone by since the release of his last album Vestiges & Claws (2015). Finally, the time has…