Maki Flow – Better Off Alone – Single Review – by Aron Debreceni

Are you eager to listen to a new pop hit? The London-based singer-songwriter, Maki Flow dropped her latest single Better Off Alone on the 5th of March and it is definitely a record you should check out. Maki Flow is originally from Italy but relocated to the British capital recently to launch her own singer-songwriter project. With her earlier releases like Happy Times (2020), and Rainbow (2020) she got recognition rapidly from the public. She is a representative of the upcoming pop artists from the new generation. 


Sonic Identity
Better Off Alone is typically a tune that I associate with the image of driving on a long highway towards the unknown through the desert in California and leaving everything behind. In terms of genre and sound, this track of Maki Flow is definitely a pop tune, and I can hear some influences from Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa as well. However, Flow’s vocal tone makes the song unique and it strengthens her artistic identity. 

Better OFF Alone

The lead vocal melody is great, it works really well in the choruses, makes them function as they are supposed to, the listener receives the cathartic impression that choruses are meant to deliver. The way the lines of the lyrics are articulated and sung gives the song a very solid and stable rhythmic pulse which is vital if a tune is meant to operate within the pop genre. Its structure besides verses and choruses also contains pre-choruses and a bridge as well which supports the song’s sonic identity. Due to its cheerful and upbeat vibe, Better Off Alone is definitely a track that could fit the popular music programmes of BBC 1.

Music Production & Instrumentation

Besides the artistic quality of the record, production does also deserve compliments. The usage of those reverbs makes the lead vocal quite powerful, dreamy, vivid and supports its warmth which is probably why those effects totally blend in and match the song’s sonic identity. In addition, the sound of the drums fit the track pretty nicely as well. They have gotten this groove that makes the tune even more playable for radios.

Furthermore, the song’s mix is well-balanced, the instrumentation is clearly audible, yet its volume level does not diminish or damage the audibility of the vocals, in addition to this,  all the used effects do nothing but strengthen the sound of Better Off Alone, so the production work is also solid and it has a  good quality. 

How can time be spent better than listening to new artists and their new releases amid lockdown? Maki Flow’s Better Off Alone is a decent record that takes its well-deserved position within the pop genre with its positive energy and upbeat vibe.

maki flow

Are you a fan of Taylor Swift or Dua Lipa? Then it is strongly recommended to check out Better Off Alone. Who knows? Maybe Maki Flow’s vibe is the one you need at the moment and perhaps this tune would make you groovy and bring you more cheerful moments. I shall definitely be looking forward to hearing more melodies and tunes from her in the future.


Single Rating: 4/5

Aron Debreceni
Aron Debreceni

Aron is a journalist and a student of Utrecht University (NL). He has been doing his own singer-songwriter project 'Aron D' since 2016. Besides music, he is open to write articles about politics, education, health, history and travel.

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