The Nightmare Realm is Coming to Dublin

After haunting thousands of brave visitors in Cork for the last seven years, The Nightmare Realm, Ireland’s most chilling scarehouse, is expanding its reign of terror to Dublin for the first time, where its gruesome village of the damned will see Dublin’s darkest nightmares and fears brought to life. This is not your typical haunted house – there are no ghosts and goblins – the sets and live creatures prey on your deepest fears and nightmares, and twist them into a deadly reality.

The people behind The Nightmare Realm are masters at creating horror and fear by using live characters and vivid special effects which create a truly spine-chilling and imaginative experience. The event will be held at the RDS, where guests will be brought through a village of the damned in which its terrifying inhabitants wreak havoc on society. Nerves will be pushed to the limit with gruesome life-like props, alongside grotesque characters preying on the minds of fright fans and horror enthusiasts who are brave enough to enter the twisted event.

The terrifying attraction opens its doors on the 29th of September and will run until the 5th of November. So if you think you’re brave enough to venture into the Realm, then get your tickets here!


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