Riverdance in Dublin Until 9 September

Do you want to see a theatrical show which consists mainly of traditional Irish music and dances? Then you should go to The Gaiety Theatre and see Riverdance.

Riverdance, the song, was written for the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest Edition and it was an interval performance during the competition. It was inspired by the traditional Irish music called Timedance and Riverdance gained popularity after the Eurovision Song Contest, it was number one for 18 weeks in Ireland.

Riverdance, the show, is a three-part suite with a score composed by Bill Whelan, and was expanded after the success of the song by husband and wife production team John McColgan and Moya Doherty, both of them risking and investing their own money for the show. The main dancers were Jean Butler and Michael Flatley.

In November 1994, the original seven-minute version of Riverdance was performed in London in the presence of Prince Charles.

On 9th of February, 1995, was the date when Riverdance: The Show started its story here, in Dublin, at the Point Theatre. It was a five-week run with tickets selling out in three days after going on sale.   

On 8th of May, Riverdance was invited to be performed by Prince Charles to the Royal Gala 50th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day. The show was broadcast on TV and attracted 20 million people to watch, gaining more fans this way.

After a month, Riverdance had a four-week show at the Apollo Theatre in London with sold out of tickets.

On 17th of July 1995, the show was performed at The Royal College of Music in London in the presence of Queen Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret. After that, Riverdance returned to the theatre that made it popular, The Point Theatre for a six-week show.

The show was not only successful in Europe, but it also hit the American continent, in March 1996. It was performed at Radio City Music Hall in New York, with eight performances and sold-out tickets. After this success, Riverdance went on tour in United States from October 1996 until February 1997.

It’s story continues until now, and Riverdance: The Show is home again, but this time at The Gaiety Theatre, so you must go and see it!


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