Russian activist Ildar Dadin released from prison

In December 2015 Ildar Dadin took part in several protests, due to that he was sent to prison. However, the Russian supreme court has changed a law. According to that Dadin has a chance to rehabilitation.

The Russian activist spend two-and-half years in jail, additionally he claimed he was tortured during detention in north-west Russia. Afterwards he was moved to another prison, even though police denied his assertion.

According to Russian’s constitutional court Ildar Dadin’s affairs needed to be reconsidered.

He was arrested on charges of protests, as a result of Article 212.1 and jailed for three years. The article includes : “Criminal Code of the Russian Federation penalises those found guilty of violating Russia’s protest rules at least three times within 180 days. What’s more, the current punishment ranges from a fine of 600,000 roubles (£8,200; $10,200) to one million roubles, “corrective labour” or up to five years in prison. “ according to a BBC report.

After his detention a few peaceful protests were organized, in which people were standing silently with signs on the streets.

This month the constitutional court decided that Dadin’s protests weren’t a threat, that’s why his case was sent to the supreme court.

However the case is still controversial. A video appeared on the internet, which Dadin protests against not being allowed to go to court on his own. As a sign of the protest, he laid his head on the desk.

Only Ildar Dadin was accused under the article 212.1


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