Should I Stay or Should I Go ?

Is it possible that the UK will leave the European Union? Latest polls say “yes”, but I don’t think so. But just in case, fasten your seatbelts.

The question was “should the UK leave or remain in the UE ?”. “Yes” said 45% of people, “No” was the answer of 36%. If you will eliminate the votes from the undecided, the score will be 56% to 44%. So the gap is 12%. So at the first look of the eye, UE has to say “goodbye” to our English friends and forget about “Five O’Clock”. But do you remember what happened in 2014 when Scotland were trying to escape Great Britain.

Then about 55% of Scottish people said “no” in referendum with 84% of frequency. But earlier, in some polls, the option with Scottish Independence was leading. In each country predictions, they are not usually telling the truth. The most of voters are usually changing their minds on the day of elections and in the British referendum it should be shifted to “stay in EU”. Why ? Because of psychology.

You can build space rockets, earn millions of dollars and even know personally Barack Obama, but you are still the animal. That’s what the theory of evolution is saying and animals don’t like to change their territories. That’s why birds return each year from Africa to Europe. As a result, people during the time of important decisions are quite conservative.

Over the last 60 years, people have changed their Jaguars to Mercedes, Tea for Coffee and even the best English football teams are starting to play without natives. Also the GB problems with European “immigration law” is going to be solved by PM David Cameron. Maybe not entirely, but probably the entirety of Britain will remain in UE.


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