Enjoyable Solo Date Ideas you should try in Dublin

With spring coming and a nice change in weather, now is the right time for using the solo date ideas and exploring the city by yourself. A solo date can be a wonderful way to reward yourself, discover new locations, and participate in activities you enjoy. From touring historical sites to going to live music events, Dublin has a wide range of possibilities for everyone, whether it’s engaging in rich culture, soaking in nature, or light entertainment. This article holds some fun options for a solo date in Dublin to get you thinking about your next journey. So take out your planner, mark your calendar, and go on solo dates in the lively city of Dublin. 

Here is a list of solo date ideas that you can go for and discover the city.
  1.  Explore National Museums
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If you want a peaceful solo date, national museums can be a rescue. With the rain outside and a hot chocolate in your hand inside the museum, you can explore the rich art, which are situated in Dublin. Most of them offer free tours, and you just need to book your time for the visit. Museums like the National Gallery of Ireland, The Gallery of Photography, The Irish Museum of Modern Art, and The Museum of Decorative Arts and History (situated in former army barracks) are great to explore as they hold Ireland’s greatest artistic treasures. 

2.  Witness Hidden Gems 

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Every city has some hidden gems and untold stories, and so does Dublin. There is an abandoned church with just four walls remaining, or you can visit the famous Sweny’s Pharmacy, which is a part of the famous novel – Ulysses. The Secret Spots always tell you some stories, one of the best solo date ideas to vibe with the city and not feel left out or different. 

If you like libraries, then you can go to Marsh’s library, which is just meters away from St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and get lost in books and stories. Though these are located in Dublin, if you want to go a little farther from the city, you can go through Hidden Gems Secret Spots in Ireland.

3.  Self-guided walking tour 

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The best way of exploring any city has always been and will always be – exploring it on your two feet, basically a walking tour. Walking alone without a guide helps you discover the hidden gems and worthwhile your experience. 

Exploring the city on foot can be one of the satisfying solo date ideas. Just to keep yourself hydrated, grab a coffee or boba tea (if you like) and wander on the historic campus of Trinity College, or try something new at the Temple Bar district. A walk at St. Stephen’s Green Park during the day or a stroll along the River Liffey during the evening can make you feel good and give you the nicest view of the whole city. 

4. Treat yourself to Food 

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Dublin has some pretty cute and amusing cafes and restaurants where you can treat yourself to different cuisines and dishes. You can try out plenty of coffee and bakery shops to satisfy your sweet tooth, or you can be all daring and try different cuisines from around the world. 

The city has a lot to offer, from Chinese to Korean, Turkish to Indian, or Irish to Mexican, and is filled with so many cafes and restaurants that offer affordable but delicious and Instagram-worthy food. And not only do these restaurants are appetizing, but also vegan-friendly. Treating yourself to the city’s delicacies is by far the best way to celebrate your solo date. 

5. Day trip from Dublin 


The Emerald Isle is a very beautiful and breathtaking place. The scenic beauty Ireland holds is commendable and also soothing for your soul and mind. Hence, treat yourself to a day’s trip to places around Dublin that are easily commutable and don’t cost you much. 

Remember, Dublin is more than just Phoenix Park and Temple Bar, so treat yourself by going for the best walks and hikes, whether it be to the Cliffs of Moher during summers or getting lost in the mesmerizing Wicklow Mountains and Stairway to Heaven. But if you are looking to cover two places at once, you can also visit the famous Malahide Castle and then go to Howth. 

6. Go Shopping 

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Apart from treating yourself to nice food, the next best thing you can do is go shopping and buy yourself the things you like the most. Solo dates should not only involve wandering around, but also gifting yourself with something that makes it memorable. For starters, Grafton Street is a place filled with many shopping outlets where you can get yourself a nice treat. 

Apart from that, if you plan to go all fancy and treat yourself nicely, Kildare Village is the best place for you. This place is home to many high-end and expensive fashion brands, where you can get quality products and also get a chance to treat yourself right. Get lost in the brands and buy what makes you happy. 

7. Visit a Library 

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While on a solo date, make sure to include a visit to the library. Dublin is home to two libraries, which you can’t afford to miss. The first is at Trinity College Dublin, the library, which was founded as early as 1592 and is home to many old artifacts and books. Also, the architecture of this library will woo you. Though said to be a little haunted, it will be worth the shot to visit this place and get mesmerized. 

The second library worth visiting is the oldest public library in Dublin, Marsh’s Library, which was founded in the 18th century. This is the same library where Bram Stoker once studied and where Jonathan Swift once read. 

8. Visit some literary locations 

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Visiting some literary places during the solo date can also be fun and exciting, and surely enlightening as well. And when you are living in Dublin, a place where many great literary writers from the 18th, 19th, and 20th -centuries fell in love with and left their pieces in the form of famous works, it is disappointing if you don’t experience it yourself. 

Places like Sweny’s Pharmacy and the Museum of Literature can enlighten you on the literary history Dublin holds, but if you are not a museum person, you can just wander and discover the places that were used as inspirations in Dublin. 

Finally, you can finish your solo date with ice cream and a walk to the Grand Canal Docks at dusk and enjoy the city lit up. If you have any more ideas, let us know. 

Hope you have a nice date. Slainte.

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