Top 6 Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants in Dublin

Hopefully, nowadays everyone should be aware that a meal does not necessarily have to contain meat. Vegetarian cuisine is very diverse too and healthy on top of that. In order to appeal to the conscience, it is important to point out that a meat-free diet is more environmentally friendly than eating meat. There are many restaurants or cafés in Dublin that offer vegetarian and vegan food. Here you can read which ones are particularly worth a visit.



The fact that a vegan and vegetarian shop has existed in Dublin for over 35 years shows on the one hand that there has been interest in a plant-based diet for a long time, and on the other hand it outlines their obviously good menu. In the middle of Wicklow Street, a quieter place off Grafton Street, there is “Cornucopia“.

From a Granola Bowl in the morning to a wrap for lunch to tasty dinner like “Creamy Tofu pie with Cauliflower, wakame, braised fennel topped with scallion mash” – you can eat there at any time of the day. Even for some pastries and a coffee in the afternoon. Cornucopia is still a family-run business and the cosy ambience in retro style invites you to linger. 

Vegan Sandwich Co

By strolling through supermarkets, inspecting their “meal deals” you will notice that most of the sandwiches include ham, chicken or tuna. So no sandwich for the Vegetarians? Well, there is. Vegan Sandwich Co offers you much better stuff and it’s all vegan. But just because it’s vegan, doesn’t mean you have to go without a taste of meat. By first seeing the menu you probably think that’s not a vegan place: Roast Chic*n, crispy bac*on, pastr*mi. But the “*” represents that it only tastes like meat, but it isn’t real. They also treat you with burgers, wraps, bowls and kebab as well as sweet treats like cupcakes or cookies. Vegan Sandwich Co has its stores in Smithfield and St. Stephen Green. 

Glas Restaurant

Those who prefer dining at haute cuisine might think about a juicy steak or tender lamb. But it’s time to change thinking this way. A substantial meal does not have to include meat. The team at “Glas Restaurant” thought so too and offers only vegetarian and vegan meals. The restaurant is a place to linger, the ambience is very inviting. For dinner, you can enjoy 2 courses for €38, and if you go for lunch, you only pay €28 for that. For an additional charge, you can also order a third course. It’s worth a visit as also they are recommended by The Michelin Guide.  

Umi Falafel

umi food
Umi Falafel

Umi Falafel is well established in Dublin and now has 5 restaurants to serve you tasty food whether you are in Rathmines or in the city centre. As their name says, most of their meals include falafel and they offer different variations of it. In a pocket or in a wrap, with or without cheesy haloumi as well as pure falafel bites with hummus dip and tahini sauce. If you’re not that much into falafel, their lentil soup is also recommendable as well as their Tabouleh or Moroccan Quinoa Salad. As you see, there’s everything your Middle Eastern heart desires. Enjoy. 

Coco Sova

Also known as “Sova Vegan Butcher”, the vegan restaurant just changed its location to Dublin 8 and its name to “Coco Sova” and now offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their motto is still the same: “Tasty, Healthy, Heavy, Sexy” and their menu is quite diverse. Their vegan sushi is an inside tip.


v face black burger
Black Burger at V-Face

The “V” in “V-Face” stands for vegan. And their faces have many expressions: Burgers, toasties, a hot dog and a nice selection of sides as well as treats. All their stuff looks very fancy. By ordering the “Mac D Lad Burger”, you’ll get your Smashed Beyond patty in a black burger bun, isn’t that cool? And that’s not because the burger is burnt, but because it contains charcoal. This makes every visit to V-Face a special experience with good-looking und good-tasting food!

More and more plant-based restaurants settle in Dublin

Of course, there are many more vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Dublin. But this selection gives you some initial inspiration for different tastes and price ranges. Feel free to share your favourite restaurant in the comments.

Julia Hansjurgen
Julia Hansjurgen

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