Terrorism can win with politics, but not music

It was November 13th when the Islamic terrorists attacked Paris. In ‘The Bataclan Theatre’, during the concert of ‘The Eagles of Death Metal’, 89 people were killed. Three months after, this metal band returned to Paris to finish their concert.

When ‘The Eagles’ lead singer, Jesse Hughes, started to sing his first song, it was easy to feel his strong emotions. The same thing happened to audience. The normal concert with unusual context can’t be like any others. Formally it was all about music, in reality the sign to the terrorists that Paris is not afraid of them.

Before the second song, Jessie Hughes said – “Let’s take a moment to remember and than we get back to the fun“. It was the sequent moment of silence after thousands of concerts, which took place after the terrorists attack, where people were doing the same. More evidence of how different people from different parts of the world try, in the same way, to honour the Paris victims.

What people from the audience said : “It was really emotional but not the way I thought it would be”, “I think everybody needed it” or “The music definitely won over – terrorism didn’t”.

Before and after the concert, Jessie Hughes said to media that the only thing that can prevent Europe of another attack – giving civil people law to have a gun, similarly like in USA. It’s his opinion, but I disagree. America isn’t safer than Europe now, annually they have about 5 times more murders there (per thousand of citizens).

There were more police than usual. The medical staff was also very numerous. Everything was prepared perfectly to show people that everything is under control and nobody should be afraid of coming to ‘The Bataclan’.

However, European governments are not able to do the same. Happily, music sounds more brave and nobody will stop us listening to it.


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