Top 5 Coffee Shops in Dublin!


When you ask Dubliners which coffee place is the best, they will definitely name 3FE. Before writing my review, I went to check if the guys are really serving the nicest coffee in the city. And I have to admit 3FE is one of the best without any doubt.
3FE is suggesting a big variety of meals, notwithstanding if it’s breakfast, lunch or brunch. The coffee shop itself looks modern inside, the interior of the place is simple without any distractions so you can just enjoy your food and coffee. This coffee spot is located near grand canal docks which makes this place always busy and good for networking.
3FE is also offering tasting courses which makes this place unique and different from the others.

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32 Grand Canal Street Lower
Dublin 2

Brother Hubbard

Brother Hubbard opened its doors in March 2012. After reading their unique story on the website and visiting their coffee place, I have a full understanding that the owners love what they do and do it with passion. There are two important criteria when you choose a coffee place: quality of coffee and quality of the service. In Brother Hubbard the coffee was great and staff were very friendly, which made my experience really enjoyable. The variety of desserts are outstanding, freshly baked and very tasty. If you are one of those who loves coffee with desserts, you should definitely go there. One thing that i should tell to you, don’t forget to make a reservation, because they are kinda busy.

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153 Capel Street, Dublin 1

46 Harrington Street, Dublin 8

Butlers Chocolate Cafe

Butlers Chocolate Cafe that you can see almost every area in Dublin. They have so many store locations. Their coffee is always so nice, they prepare so quickly, doesn’t matter how busy they are. They give a free candy with whatever you order with your drink.

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51 Grafton Street

Dublin 2

The Art of Coffee

The Art of Coffee have five locations across Dublin. Small coffee place in The Grand Canal Dock. It  is close to my home, that’s generally why I take my coffee from there. Another good thing of Grand Canal Dock, The Art of Coffee is a unique view. Their atmosphere and right on the water. They have really good waterside location, especially sunny days. One more point, they have almond and soy milk.

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Unit 1 Alto Vetro, Grand Canal Quay

Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 2


Kaph is a coffee place in Dublin 2 famous for its good coffee. The prices are quite reasonable for such a location. Coconut-soy flat white is the number one thing you should try in Kaph, the taste is amazing. Kaph coffee shop is a perfect place for those who don’t work on site. The store is a bit busy on the ground floor as it’s where the coffee is made and where people make orders for takeaway, but places upstairs are good for concentration as it’s quiet. Moreover, the staff in the store have really good taste in music, so you will definitely enjoy the songs played inside the coffee shop. Furthermore, there is a big variety of gluten-free desserts presented in the menu.

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31 Drury Street
Dublin 2

Gamze Yarsi
Gamze Yarsi

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