Top 5 French Restaurants in Dublin 2

Looking for a taste of France in the heart of Dublin? We have the perfect restaurants for you!

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Where better to start than a beautiful French brasserie, inside you will find decoration directly from the Paris Puces market that takes us straight to Paris and adds a warm and welcoming atmosphere. La Maison welcomes you from Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner with a menu composed of dishes directly from French gastronomy like their beautiful “cote de boeuf”. Without forgetting of course their large selection of wines that will go with all your dishes.  It is the perfect place to enjoy the classics of French cuisine.

Rendez-vous at 15 Castlemarket Street. Dublin 2, D02 C656.

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Our second destination which is both a wine bar and a restaurant is the ideal place to taste French wines and wines from around the world.  Their menu is filled with seasonal products from France with dishes that are both gastronomic and generous.  And for those who want to learn more about wine and even for those passionate about it, La Cave offers wine courses to pass your WSET level. 

If you don’t want to take classes you still have access to wine-tasting events

Rendez-vous at  28 Anne St S, Dublin 2

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Whether for lunch, dinner or brunch L’Gueuleton welcomes us in a charming place with tasteful decorations in the heart of Dublin. A very nice choice of dishes on the menu both visually and taste-wise.

You need to experience it for yourself. The magic is done on the spot, a place to enjoy again and again. 

Rendez-vous at 1 Fade St, Dublin 2

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A must-visit restaurant in Dublin, Boeuf welcomes you to a small, super-friendly environment where you can see the chefs cooking behind the counter.

The menu includes meats produced in Ireland of exceptional quality with a wide choice of accompaniments and starters. It is the ideal place to eat a good piece of beef accompanied by good wine. 

Rendez-vous at 63 William St S, Dublin 2

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“Chez Max” is a restaurant with French origins created by Gonzague De Laloubie in 2005. They just won the “World’s French Restaurant” award in February 2023. 

There is a menu of typical French dishes available at lunch and in the evening, we make a real trip in France, especially with the French staff with an atmosphere and decoration that is intimate and warm.

They also opened a café in Alliance Française as well as a small grocery store with French products.

Rendez-vous at 1 Palace St, Dublin 2.

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Top 5 restaurants in Dublin 2
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