Top Events June 23 in Dublin

Drink & Draw: Paint Freddy Mercury 

At this Drink and Draw Party, you can create your masterpiece and get creative while drinking alcohol. There is no experience in painting necessary as the instructor guides you through the process. All materials will be provided. Get your ticket now for a fun night of drink and drawing. 

Price: 25 Euro

Start: 7 pm 

Tickets here

Venue: 35 Liffey Street Lower, Dublin 1

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The International Comedy Club Dublin Friday 

Get ready to laugh your way through the night and enjoy the finest comedic talents Dublin has to offer. Performing are Kevin O´Sullivan, Katie Green, Martin Angolo and Adam Smith. Come and experience the magic of the International Comedy Club and create unforgettable memories in the heart of Dublin. 

Price: 14 Euros

Start: 9 pm

Venue: 23 Wicklow Street 

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The Return of Dyke Night

If you are looking for a night of dark humor, burlesque, music, and talks of dismantling the patriarchy then The Return of Dyke Night is the right place for you! The number of tickets is limited, so get yours now. 

Price: 10 – 15 Euro

Start: 9 pm 

Tickets here

Venue: 54 Middle Abbey Street

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Sahaja Yoga – Free Meditation and Yoga 

If you are looking for something more relaxing, this event is for you. There is a free Meditation and Yoga class taking place at Sycamore Street every Friday night starting at 7:30 pm. Entry is free, but you should reserve a spot just to be sure. 

Price: free

Start: 7:30 pm 

Reserve a spot 

Venue: Sycamore Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 Fringe Lab (Opposite Door #9), Sycamore Building Dublin

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SPINSTER PRIDE @The Grand Social- June 23rd

SPINSTER Pride at the Grand Social Dublin is the place to be for an incredible night of queer vibes and unforgettable moments. Get ready to dance, celebrate, and embrace the joyous atmosphere as you connect with the LGBTQIA+ Community and create memories that will fill your heart with pride. 

Price: 14 Euro

Start: 10 pm 

Tickets here

Venue: 35 Liffey Street Lower

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