5 Fun Makeup Trends for 2021

As we enter 2021 with some hope of a social life this year, we’ll no doubt be itching to get glam whenever we can. Here’s some of the top makeup and beauty trends we’ll be seeing this year.

Bold Eye Makeup

Look, we don’t want to admit it, but masks are not going anywhere anytime soon. As long as face masks continue to remain essential to wear, we will adapt by going all out on our eyes. Graphic liner and bold colours will be all the rage this year. It’ll be a great chance to experiment with colours, textures, and shapes as we make the eyes the main focus of our beauty looks. It might finally be time to master the art of putting on falsies! Creative false eyelashes are set to have a major moment this year, with lots of fun colours and styles popping up.


The 90s style has been popular for a while now, and it’s not going anywhere. Think smudgy black liner, muted matte smoky eyes, brown lipstick. However, we’re also going to be throwing it back even further in 2021 – 60s makeup is making a comeback, primarily fuelled by Ariana Grande’s new 60s inspired look. Creating graphic shapes with eyeshadow and liner are a great way to make you look bright-eyed and fresh, and white eyeliner and defined lower lashes are also really in style at the moment.

60’s graphic eye makeup. Image sourced from Pinterest.


Natural Skin

In past years, full coverage has been the ongoing trend. It’s still not going anywhere, but how you apply it might change. A more natural-looking complexion is becoming the norm – varied tones, freckles, and moles. A lot of foundations are now moving towards what they call a “natural finish”; not matte or dewy, but emulating the finish our skin would normally have with no product. Even if you want to cover up imperfections, a natural skin-like finish looks less like a full coverage mask of makeup, and that’s what we’re looking for this year.

Soft Sculpting

Aggressive, harsh contouring is out. Soft, blended, “invisible” sculpting is in. Using softer cream products to lightly bronze or blush our face is set to be the new contouring trend of 2021. The aim is to highlight your natural features and face shape, instead of using harsh lines with cool toned contouring products to mimic shadows that aren’t there. We should be embracing the natural contours of our faces instead of using a boatload of products to emulate the shape of someone else’s cheekbones!

Soap Brows

Soap brows have been quietly growing in popularity for the last couple of years now, but they’re set to make a huge splash in the mainstream beauty community this year. While some use the phrase to describe the brow look in itself, “soap brows” actually refers to a specific eyebrow grooming method. It’s exactly what it sounds like: using bar soap instead of eyebrow gel. Crazy as it sounds, plenty of makeup artists prefer soap to groom eyebrows due to its stronger hold on hair, simplicity, and affordability. It gives the illusion of thicker, bushier brows but by pushing the hair up and keeping it there, which is what everyone’s after at the moment.

Soap brows give a fuller look to the brow. Image sourced from Ipsy.com.


Erica Carter
Erica Carter

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