Who drinks the most ?

Each year, the World Health Organisation published the ranking of countries where it is hardest to remain sober. Belarus (17,5 litres per year) is the uncontested leader before Moldova, Lithuania and Russia.


As the communism was making everybody happy, the old Soviet Union countries drink more than the others. On the other side with the score of 11,9 lpy Ireland is just on the 31st place. So the nation of Guinness has a lot to do in the near future. They are higher even in FIFA ranking.


WHO has also the informations about what nations drinks. Wine is the most popular alcohol in Southern European countries and Latin America while Africans usually drink a beer. Asia is rather similar to Central Europe where Vodka is still necessary to give to a doctor.


Where police have less problems with drunk drivers? In Arabian countries. That’s because alcohol is forbidden there. As we know from history, this kind of law doesn’t work in the democratic countries. There is the single thing which prohibition gives us. It was Mario Puzo’s ‘Godfather’. And about one hundred of different books and movies with gangsters selling illegal alcohol, stealing the rivals girlfriends and cutting their fingers.


The statistics shows that a kind of job we do has also the biggest influence on how much the alcohol we drink. As a journalist I’m in a greater danger of becoming alcohol addicted. Along with the other creators, literats and artists. More than twenty per cent of people in this group admit to have a problem with drinking too much. In the middle of  the table you can find professions like doctors, nurses and others who care about your life. You have an 87.4 % chance to be operated by a sober specialist. It could be worse, so we have another reason to celebrate.



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