Who Smokes The Most ?

Do you remember or just have seen cigarettes commercials from sixties ? A man who wasn’t smoking, was condemned to be single for a rest of his life. Now, about 70 years after the first Marlboro-cowboy advertisement, smoking is less popular, a little bit unfashionable, but still practiced.

The average European citizen smokes 14,2 cigarettes a day (c/d), according to Eurobarometer stats. As man’s life is usually more stressful, full of adrenaline-pumping macho duties like impressing women, the uglier gender smokes more (15,6 to 12,9 c/d).

The majority of smokers (77%) poison themselves by six to twenty cigarettes a day. 8% of European populations are real steam engines who smoke even more.

Which nation smokes the most ?

Austrian smokers (19.8 c/d), then a few clouds of smoke before Greeks and Cyprians (both 19.5 c/d).

Here are the stats from the most of European Union countries.

Do you remember your first cigarette? The awful cough and ten packs of chewing gum after? Before their seventeenth birthday the average Spanish, Danish, Portuguese or British teenager starts to smoke. Before their nineteen birthday in general Greeks, Lithuanians, Cyprians and Estonians wait. What’s interesting, there are less people addicted to cigarettes in countries where people try to smoke earlier.

According to The European Commission, most smokers have tried to end the addiction. Only 20% with success. 86% of Dutch and 81% of Danish think about quitting smoking while only 34% of Portuguese and Bulgarians do the same.

Where pubs are most foggy ?

83% of Czechs and Greeks smoke in the bars. At the same time British, Irish and Swedish pubs are only for drinks.

Because as I once said, for €10 you can have a pack of cigarettes and future free hospitalisation, but it’s still better to buy five beers for this money.


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