10 Irish influencers you should follow

Almost every country has its own influencers, just like there are Irish influencers. Influencers are people who have a higher than average followership who they are interacting with, and “influencing” by showing parts of their life and introducing (new) products. 

Influencers are a new phenomenon compared to how celebrities were made ten years ago. Today, anyone with a phone can be an influencer and gain popularity.

Some influencers have as few as 3000 followers and can often be recognised by the blue tick behind their name on social media platforms.

Today, I will give you a list of ten Irish influencers you should follow. Some of them are bigger than others, but each one of them is worth a look.

1.      Rozanna Purcell

Rozanna Purcell started as an Irish model and won Miss Universe Ireland in 2010. She grew her followers over the last few years and has a proud followership of 521K on Instagram to date.
She published two books, both focusing on healthy eating.
The topics she talks about on her Instagram are periods, travel (especially hiking), exercising, vegan food, get ready with me, and many more. She also has two dogs which she likes to show every so often.
Roz Purcell has a really authentic feeling about her by telling the story behind pictures and talking about how fake social media can be.

Age: 30
Instagram: @rozannapurcell – 521K Followers
TikTok: rozannapurcell – 31.6K Followers
Youtube: Roz Purcell – 18.6K Subscribers
Facebook: Rozanna Purcell – 15K Followers
Twitter: @RozannaPurcell – 71.4K Followers

2.      Sarah Hanrahan

Sarah is a blogger. She talks about Lifestyle, fashion, and food, but hasn’t been as active on her website as she used to. That’s no problem though, as she is actively posting on her social media profiles.
Especially lately, her posts are about travelling in Ireland. She also shares her absolutely amazing outfits.
Sarah is “a Dublin Gal”, as she calls herself, and loves her dog. She seems really cute and chilled.

Age: 35
Instagram: @i_come_undone – 61.2K Followers
Facebook: I come undone – 5K Followers
Twitter: @icome_undone – 5334 Followers
Blog: I come undone

3.      Holly Carpenter

Holly Carpenter is an Irish model. She was Miss Ireland in 2011 and describes herself as a public figure today.
Her Instagram is filled with pictures of herself promoting brands, having giveaways, and enjoying the Irish outdoors. Her TikTok shows her enjoying the countryside, but also some funny videos of her and her dog.
She is a beauty and makes everyone fall in love with her smile.

Age: 29
Instagram: @hollycarpenter – 97.6K Followers
TikTok: hollycarpenter__ – 3383 Followers
Facebook: @IamHollycarpenter
Twitter: @holly0910 – 31.8K Followers

4.      Anouska

Anouska is based in Dublin. She is a photographer and artist, which is probably the reason her posts are so stunning. She achieved influencer status through her job and definitely deserves all her followers.
Her pictures on her private as well as business profile on Instagram are all focused on people rather than things, in great relation to light and shadow.
Her profiles are a great inspiration for everyone, especially if you are interested in photography yourself.

Age: 30
Instagram: @anouskapb – 79.1K Followers
Business Instagram: @anouskaphotography – 5400 Followers
TikTok: @anouskapb – 817 Followers
Twitter: @anouskaPB – 7560 Followers
Website: ANOUSKA

5.      Rob Kenny

Rob Kenny is out there. He is an influencer whose job is more than posting pictures on social media. He is the presenter of RTÉ’s Men’s Fashion Today, as well as Fashion & Lifestyle writer on RTÉ.ie and the co-host for Inside Scoop on Her.ie.
Rob’s Instagram page is so much fun to look at. He always has a smile on his face, presents himself well, and you get the feeling that he is really honest with you.
Rob is gay and a real inspiration for every member of the LGBTQ+ community. He is proud of who he is just like everyone should be.

Age: 29
Instagram: @robkenny_ – 25K Followers
Facebook: @robkennystyle  – 626 Followers
Twitter: @RobKenny_ – 3574 Followers
Inside Scoop: Inside Scoop on Her.ie
RTÉ: Rob on RTÉ

6.      Tara Povey

Tara started as a blogger on the topic of travel. Her Instagram shows many colourful pictures of her travelling all over the world.
On her blog and YouTube channel, she talks about many different topics, always with positivity and a smile.
Tara looks like a ray of sunshine you just want to hang out with.

Age: 33
Instagram: @whereistarablog – 38.4K Followers
TikTok: @whereistarablog – 27 Followers
YouTube: Where is Tara – 6.21K Subscribers
Facebook: @whereistara – 5357 Followers
Twitter: @whereistarablog – 6231 Followers
Blog: where is Tara

7.      Erika Fox

I came across Erika Fox a few months ago and have been loving her posts ever since. She started blogging when she was 19 and is now one of the most successful Irish influencers.
Erica moved to the US, but you can still hear her Irish accent in the videos she posts. Her posts are all about lifestyle, travel, makeup, interior and outdoor design, as well as fashion.
Her Instagram profile has a naturally calm feel to it with pictures of her showing some outfits or beautiful places she discovered in her new home.

Age: 30
Instagram: @retroflame – 163K Followers
TikTok: @retroflame_ – 3611 Followers
Youtube: Retro Flame – 89.3K Subscribers
Facebook: @RetroFlameBlog – 32K Followers
Twitter: @retroflame – 12.1K Followers
Blog: Retro Flame by Erika Fox

8.      Ciara O’Doherty

Ciara describes herself as a Public Figure on social media and is one of the younger influencers on this list.
Her posts are about travelling and fashion. She seems like she’s on the go a lot and always somewhere else.
After seeing her introduction on one of her YouTube videos, she seems so friendly and fun to be around. Most of her videos are about drinks and I hope I will be out drinking with her at some point.

Age: 26
Instagram: @ciaraodoherty – 174K Followers
TikTok: @ciaraodohertyy – 10.6K Followers
YouTube: Ciara O Doherty – 126K Subscribers
Facebook: Ciara O Doherty – 29K Followers
Twitter: @CiaraODoherty – 22.4K Followers

9.      Breda Canning

Breda Canning is a Donegal-based personal trainer. She has reached almost 50K Followers on Instagram and shares posts about health, fitness, and wellbeing in general.
Like Rob Kenny, she has a successful career outside social media. Breda is a motivational speaker, personal trainer, nutritionist, and online coach.
On her social media, Breda shares her passion for exercise, vintage clothes, and music.
It’s not Breda’s goal to be an influencer – at least, that’s how she came across. However, due to her followership and her use of social media platforms, she can be put down here with other influencers.

Age: 27
Instagram: @breda.canning – 47.9K Followers
Facebook: Breda Canning

10.  Tara Makeup

Tara is one of the older influencers and already has her own family, including a husband and two kids. Tara is a Dublin-based makeup artist and grew her followership based on that.
Her posts are really cute with family pics, as well as fashion and makeup (obviously). Tara always has a smile on her face and seems to be at a happy place in her life.
Tara doesn’t have her own YouTube channel, but when you type in her name, there will be a lot of videos with her giving tips on makeup.

Age: 35
Instagram: @tara_makeup – 166K Followers
Website: Tara makeup

Have you heard of any of these Irish influencers? I will go and follow them all now, and so should you. Let us know if we missed anyone who you think should be included here. 

Christine Brungard
Christine Brungard

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