100 migrants in a container, 8 dead

8, migrants, 6 of them children and a woman, died in Libya during the last part of their trip to the EU.

They were with another 100 people in the fridge cell of a truck, massed in inhumane conditions and stored with other products, like fuel, that are probably the cause of their death.

They were found by the police during a check in Zuara, about 100 km from Tripoli.

Maybe their trip would have finished on a improvised ship, directed to Italy or another European country,

According to social networks, the journey would have begin in Sebha, south Libya, but authorities didn’t confirm this story.

On the truck there were a lot of people from subsaharan countries, together with other migrants from Chad, Senegal, Pakistan and Niger.

It is thought that the route has probably been already used to illegally import weapons from Italy and The Balkans.

According to all NGOs, this is just one of the dozens of groups of people discovered in north Africa, waiting for their time to move.

They have been taken into custody by the Libyan authorities and helped by many international NGOs.

Meanwhile all European ministers are talking about finding a solution, because at this point “Libya is not a safe port anymore”.

Carlo Colleluori
Carlo Colleluori

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