Carlo Colleluori

Carlo Colleluori

Nelson Mandela’s Day

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Today, 18 June, is the international Nelson Mandela’s Day. Many countries are celebrating the memory of this inspiring figure that has changed the destiny of South Africa. Born in this day in 1918, today we celebrate 100 years from his…

The true resilience of Paris

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100,000 people were in front of the big screen close to the Tour Eiffel, in Paris yesterday, screaming “buuuuut”, sharing love and happiness. Jay Z and Beyoncé let the fans watch the match before the concert, and in the end…

LGBTQ means Family, Pride means Family

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In 2015 Ireland became the “vanguard of social change”, according to New York Times and that has been the destination of a long journey that started in 1993, when homosexuality was decriminalised by the Oirechtas. So why is LGBTQ still…