5 Things To Do in Dublin With Ten Euro

Finding things to do in Dublin on a budget can be challenging. We have taken some time to construct a list of things that you may consider doing with your ten euro and enjoy spending it too.

Go To The Savoy Cinema

Believe it or Not, you and your friend can have a ball watching the latest movies in Cinemas for ten euro. Unfortunately, this is limited to students on Wednesdays. However, if your mobile network is 3, you get to enjoy this from Sundays 6 pm until Thursday. The only possible downside to this is the limited variety of movies available at Savoy. Other than that, you will enjoy a day with your friend for ten euro effortlessly.

Go Roller-Skating

The Spin Activity Centre is a popular skating venue and offers 10 per person for two hours. They have friendly staff that are willing to guide you if you are a beginner. Depending on your location, this can vary from being a long commute to a short one.

If you hoping to get an even cheaper bargain, Groupon has an offer for €10 for two in Newbridge.  If you like the sound of that, you can get some more information here.

Have some Coco Bo’s

Coco Bo’s is a dessert cafe which has amazing desserts. It is great for catching up with your friends or fulfilling your chocolate cravings. To make everything better, the most expensive thing on their menu is €4.90.  

Captain Americas

Captain America’s is an American bar themed restaurant that can be quite pricey. Captain America’s have a ten euro lunch deal that is available from 1-5pm each weekday. You can also get an additional meal for free if you are a member of Three Network with My3. This means you can have a lunch date for both you and your friend for only €10

Kayaking or Canoeing

Extreme Time Off Dublin is offering an hour of kayaking for two people for €20 during the weekends in the Canal. You can a friend for an hour and split it in half and you will be settled for some fun. If you want to go on your own, it will cost you a bit more at the rate of €12 for the hour, for an hour but you will thoroughly enjoy the day. If you like the sound of that, you can get some more information here.

If this wasn’t want you are looking for, try Five places to visit in/around Dublin during the weekend

Christie Kandiwa
Christie Kandiwa

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