8 Industries on the lookout for part-time employees

Are you a student who is looking for a part-time opportunity in Ireland?

You might want to ask yourself why? Knowing your goal is extremely important when it comes to working part-time because you invest your most valuable asset which is time.

So there are jobs that will help you to earn some extra cash while there are a few part-time opportunities that might work as a stepping stone into the industry of your choice.

Here are 8 industries that offer part-time jobs for students


Retail leading the chart, stores, supermarkets & shops hire the highest number of students. They often look for candidates with little or no experience as store assistants with basic skill sets. These jobs offer flexible hours and are often available in the evenings and weekends. Working as a retail assistant is great for developing customer service skills. What’s more, you could likewise get some employee discounts, doesn’t it seem like the cherry on the cake?


You can be a kitchen porter, bartender or waitress at restaurants, cafes or bars. They often have part-time roles available. If you are a hotel management student, it’s a perfect opportunity to learn a skilled trade. Working as a barista is a perfect role for early birds or those with afternoon classes, oh and not to forget about tips that can supplement your hourly wages.


Tutoring, teaching assistant roles, or after-school programs may offer part-time work. This is your chance to utilize your academic strengths and to set your hours and rates depending on your subject and the valuable teaching experience that you provide.


Healthcare assistants provide assistance, support and direct personal care to patients and residents in a variety of institutional settings such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and aged care facilities. They generally work in support of health professionals or associate professionals. This can be a perfect part-time role for you if you are a natural caregiver and you are instinctive towards helping others.


Are you someone who is outgoing and do you fancy attending public gatherings, concerts and events then working as event staff is a perfect job for you? You can work at concerts, festivals, or sporting events, events often occur at the weekends and you can earn while attending the events for free.

Pet Sitter

Are you an animal lover? If you are passionate about animals and have a deep understanding of their needs then this job is for you. Pet sitters often offer more than one pet-sitting visit per day, your daily chores may involve, feeding the pets, providing playtime and exercises, cleaning the litter boxes and the pet mess and providing lots of TLC (Treatment, Learning, and Compassion)! Being a pet sitter can offer you a lot more than just money, which may include giggles, joy and a lot of furry cuddles.

Freelance Content Creator

In the world of Social Media, everyone wishes to be a content creator and well here’s your chance to earn while you do so. You can write articles, create graphics, or manage social media in your free time. Working remotely on your schedule while developing your portfolio can be a win-win situation for you. Sites like Upwork and Fiverr help you get freelance projects for your portfolio and you can charge depending on the project tenure and tasks.


How does it sound to work as a part-time tour guide? This is an ideal job for history and arts students as being a tour guide over the weekends will not only boost your research but also help you learn more about local culture and attractions. This job will help you earn some cash during your free days while you interact with tourists from around the world helping you improve your public speaking skills.

Here is a pro tip: When you know your objectives and the choices, this moment is the opportunity to ponder your skills. Skills are the superpower you have in the realm of part-time markets.

The job market in Ireland offers opportunities for students willing to explore and seize them. With its thriving economy, supportive policies, and welcoming culture, Ireland provides an excellent environment for students to pursue their academics, while earning some extra money. By leveraging available resources, networking effectively, and showcasing their skills and talents, students can easily work part-time jobs.

Prachi Vaskar
Prachi Vaskar


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