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Germany restricts Facebook Data Collection

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office has ruled that Facebook is no longer allowed to combine collected data from WhatsApp, Instagram, and third-party sources with the user’s Facebook profiles. In future, Facebook has to get the individuals permission to collect and combine this data. The watchdogs carried out an inquiry determining whether Facebook abuses its market leadership. […]

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Facebook Say “No” To Hate Speech

By Dearan / February 29, 2016

Facebook Say “No” To Hate Speech Forget about making Mark Zuckerberg site the “Hatebook”. Now nobody will be able to write vulgar and offensive nonsense about other people. It is mostly hate directed to the minorities and refugees. Something has changed in many peoples minds in the last few years and it is a time […]

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Digging for Gold in A Flat Minor

By Javier Robles / September 16, 2021

Dave Conway aka The DC Experiment is a songwriter, singer and performer with The DC Experiment, and also hosted ‘Gigonometry Presents…’. He has made 3 albums, 5 EPs and several singles both as a solo artist and as lead singer/guitarist with Trip Hazard and The DC Experiment, the moniker which he uses to release new […]

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