Facebook Say “No” To Hate Speech

Facebook Say “No” To Hate Speech

Forget about making Mark Zuckerberg site the “Hatebook”. Now nobody will be able to write vulgar and offensive nonsense about other people. It is mostly hate directed to the minorities and refugees. Something has changed in many peoples minds in the last few years and it is a time for organisations like Facebook to act.


Around 1,000 young people were invited for a public “town hall” session in Berlin. Most of them were students, not only from Germany. They invited Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook owner, to talk about the methods to defend social networks from hate speech, racism and other attacks on minorities.


Germany’s history with the Nazi party is the reason why there are strict laws around the protection of minorities. In the last few months, in the country which hosts at least one million refugees, Facebook faced huge criticism. Mainly because of the poor quality of policing anti-immigration posts.


Zuckerberg said: “There’s no place for this kind of content on Facebook. Learning more about German culture and law has led us to change the approach. Hate speech against migrants is an important part of what we now have no tolerance for on Facebook.”


He also added, and it should be also our hope, that The U.S. and other countries would follow Germany’s lead allowing more refugees into the country as well as fighting hate.


Banning hate is not like censorship. Nobody will delete your photos with your girlfriend or a very important post about discounts in Lidl. Some people have just to realise that being brave on the Internet, enough to write something stupid about other human beings, doesn’t make them important. Hate is like a sex. Don’t do it the public places.

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