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The sound of House: Interview with Jesse Rose

By Brian Cunningham / March 2, 2016

When does one know they have left their mark on a scene? For dance music veterans, a place on Pete Tong’s ‘Hall of Fame’ is a solid indicator. Tong’s ‘Hall of fame’ includes a diverse range of artists who have contributed to dance music, whether it’s techno guru Richie Hawtin or the more commercial sounding […]


Dublin’s own Dialect: An Interview with Paul Alwright, a.k.a. ‘Lethal Dialect’.

By Brian Cunningham / February 24, 2016

A famous definition of globalisation is ‘the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, idea’s and mutual sharing, and other aspects of culture’.  This expansion of idea’s and culture knows no boundaries, and Hip-Hop music has certainly had its part to play.  From its 1970’s roots in the U.S., Hip-Hop […]


Summer Plans? Ireland’s Festival Schedule Might Help You

By Brian Cunningham / February 10, 2016

There are many things an Irish summer cannot promise.  A skin tan, barbecues, and trips to the beaches are regularly out of the question during the summer months, due to the unpredictable Irish climate. Nevertheless, we as a nation still know have to fun during the months from May-September, and this is largely due to […]


Anti-Islamic group ‘Pegida’ set to launch Irish branch this weekend

By Brian Cunningham / February 5, 2016

A controversial weekend lies in store for Dublin city center, as anti-Islamic group Pegida make their official launch in Ireland.  Pegida – who were founded in Germany in 2014 but have since inspired offshoots in various European countries – are a right-wing organisation with an explicit anti-Islam agenda. The movement’s objective is to prevent the […]


Passionate about Latin American Politics? Visit the LASC

By Brian Cunningham / January 22, 2016

Are you missing an interesting political debate and discussion during your time in Ireland?  Does the political climate of Latin America fascinate you?  And are you interested in indigenous and minority rights?  Then why not check out the Latin American Solidarity Centre in Drumcondra on Dublin’s north side. The Latin American Solidarity Centre (LASC) is […]


Year of the Rising: Public Talk on Saturday about Women of 1916

By Brian Cunningham / January 21, 2016

This Easter will be a special one in the land of green.  People will gather across various parts of the country, to remember one of the most significant events in Irish history – The 1916 rising.  The 1916 rising was an armed rebellion organised in Easter weekend of 1916 by Irish Republicans, who were protesting […]


Equality in the Classroom: Education Equality, a new initiative aimed at preventing religious discrimination in Irish schools

By Brian Cunningham / December 23, 2015

With the same-sex marriage referendum passing in May, much talk has centered around 2015 being the year in which Irish society moved towards values of diversity and inclusiveness.  Nevertheless, concern still exists among Irish people in regards to access, inclusion, and diversity in certain institutions.  One organisation which is striving for change is Education Equality, […]


Refugee Crisis: Stronger Response Needed from Ireland

By Brian Cunningham / December 14, 2015

A new report has urged the Irish government to increase its intake of refugees from 4000 to 22000.  The report also called on the Irish government to reform the way it accommodates asylum seekers. The report was launched in Dublin’s Buswells hotel last week, and received support from over 21 Irish NGO’s.  NGO’s present at […]


Immigration Skeptic: Right-Wing political parties across Europe

By Brian Cunningham / December 10, 2015

Sunday was a landmark day for French politics.  As the country comes to terms with the devastating attacks in Paris last month, a right-wing political party made history in the first round of regional elections.  The ‘Front national’ political party, led by 47 year old Marine Le Pen, came first in 6 out of 13 French […]


The Expat Experience: Ukrainians in Ireland tell us their story

By Brian Cunningham / December 2, 2015

While the news headlines of 2015 have been dominated by events in Syria, 2014 was a year in which the worlds gaze was also fixed on Ukraine.  In what began as a series of civil demonstrations against the government in early 2014 – commonly referred to as the ‘Euromaiden’ event – the country soon found […]

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