Year of the Rising: Public Talk on Saturday about Women of 1916

This Easter will be a special one in the land of green.  People will gather across various parts of the country, to remember one of the most significant events in Irish history – The 1916 rising.  The 1916 rising was an armed rebellion organised in Easter weekend of 1916 by Irish Republicans, who were protesting against British rule in Ireland.  Regarded as a vital moment in the struggle for Irish independence, the rising will be remembered this Easter in a number of special events in Dublin city.  In the lead up to the Easter weekend, there will also be a host of exhibitions and talks, which celebrate the 1916 rising.  One of these takes place on Saturday the 23rd of January in Coolock library, where historian Lorcan Collins discusses the role of Countess Markievicz and the other women who participated in the events of 1916.

More than 100 women are believed to have taken part in the 1916 rising.  While many of these women volunteered to make food and treat the wounded, they also fought side by side with men who were resisting British rule.  Arguably the most famous of these is Countess Markievicz, who essentially became the female leader of the 1916 rising.   Countess Markievicz was directly involved in the setting up of the rising, and was also in the middle of all the fighting – wounding a British army sniper.  She was eventually transported to Kilmainham Gaol, where she was sentenced to life in prison.  She was released after just one year in jail, and went on to establish herself as a prominent figure in Irish politics, before her death in the year 1927.

This Saturday’s talk will discuss Countess Markievicz and the women of 1916, and will be one of the first events of the centenary year.  It will be delivered by author and historian Lorcan Collins, and take place in Coolock library in the North side of Dublin.  Full details can be found below.

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