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We are living in a Samuel Beckett play

By Dara Thornton / September 27, 2020

How 2020 is the year of the tragicomedy and why Samuel Beckett must have wrote it Samuel Beckett remains one of Ireland’s most renowned and celebrated writers, with his work still being studied and performed globally. Amongst Beckett’s most notable work, lies the theme of existentialism and the absurdity of life. Two of his most […]


Learning the lingo of Northern Ireland: A dictionary to Northern Irish slang

By Dara Thornton / September 25, 2020

20 words and phrases to know when heading north Northern Ireland is known for many things; Giant’s Causeway, Titanic, Seamus Heaney and of course political and religious tension. However, there is one thing that goes unnoticed and ignites a lot of confusion when people first cross the border, which is Northern Ireland or ‘Norn Iron’, […]

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