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Why having a breakdown can be healthy

By Dara Thornton / November 19, 2020

A positive breakdown As we plunge into the colder weather and the longer nights, it’s easy for our minds to drift to darker places. A lot of us may find it a little bit harder to get out of bed or perhaps lack motivation, but somehow manage to keep going about our day to day […]


Multilingualism crisis – why Ireland needs to be more active

By Dara Thornton / November 6, 2020

Why Ireland should be more active in promoting multilingualism Over the years, Ireland has become a hub for immigration which the Central Statistics Office outlines in their data. The 2016 census showed that 70% of the non-Irish citizens on the island were accounted for by 10 nationalities, which is quite a lot considering the population […]


Viral videos we should never forget

By Dara Thornton / October 24, 2020

Reflecting on some of the internet’s best viral videos Where would we be without YouTube? The platform which shares our home videos with the rest of the world, for the indulgence of our own entertainment. YouTube has always been a great mode to support our emotions, whether you want to laugh, cry, get angry or […]


Remote Working – Important dos and don’ts

By Dara Thornton / October 23, 2020

Some useful tips for remote working as we return to lockdown Remote working may sound like a dream for some, but for others it can have a detrimental effect on their mental health. The work/life balance can become even more obscured when working from home as we find our work life invading our private spaces. […]


The Irish Defence Forces, what exactly do they do?

By Dara Thornton / October 17, 2020

A brief history of the Irish Defence Forces and what are they doing? For some people entering into Ireland, it might come as a shock to discover that the country has an army. Even for some people who have spent their entire lives on the island, an army just doesn’t seem like something Ireland has, […]


Seven of the best horror films for this spooky season

By Dara Thornton / October 14, 2020

Seven horror films to spook you out It’s been a long year, but spooky season is finally here, and what better way to celebrate than by scaring ourselves to sleep with some of the best horror films. While we’ve spent nearly an entire year watching the horrors of the news, it’s now time to unwind […]


Top five Father Ted episodes

By Dara Thornton / October 9, 2020

Best Father Ted episodes for first timers Although produced by a British company, Father Ted is as Irish as it comes. From cultural references, to comedic style, Father Ted captures an Ireland that to some may seem unimaginable, but to others, very familiar. The show is loved by many across the nation and accurately regarded […]


How to survive a toxic workplace

By Dara Thornton / October 7, 2020

Signs you might be in a toxic workplace and what do about it They say that if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life, but how does that expression go if you love your job, but work in a toxic environment? Working in a toxic environment makes it almost impossible […]


Pandemic and protests in Ireland

By Dara Thornton / October 2, 2020

Five protests that happened in Ireland 2020 Protests and demonstrations are deeply embedded within Irish heritage, and like every other country, the root of protesting often comes down to a struggle within hierarchies. Throughout Irish history, protests have ranged from challenges posed by British rule, to anti-war protests, to internal struggles such as the anti-austerity […]


Let’s talk hygge

By Dara Thornton / September 30, 2020

Seven tips on how to be more hygge this autumn   Meik Wiking, in his book The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well, shares with the world tips from what Forbes claims to be the second happiest country in the world. Hygge is regarded as a lifestyle which embraces the present […]

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