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College student from California currently studying Communications at California State University, Northridge. Enjoys reading, writing, and film.


The Power of Daily Affirmations and Manifestation

By Keara Long / November 21, 2020

Daily affirmations and manifestation. Chances are, you have heard these two terms being used, in these tough times now more than ever. Practicing daily affirmations and manifesting are great ways to build confidence in yourself and bring positivity into what you do everyday. These practices work, and there is even science to back them up. […]


6 Sustainable Irish Clothing Brands

By Keara Long / November 16, 2020

Historically, the fashion industry has not been kind to the environment. While clothing from fast fashion brands are cheap and affordable for consumers, their production takes a toll on various aspects of the environment. According to the World Economic Forum, the fashion industry is the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply, and 85% of […]


8 benefits of walking everyday

By Keara Long / November 12, 2020

Walking: how can something that seems so trivial be so beneficial to the body? It may feel like an unimportant task to most, but there are many benefits of walking everyday, both mental and physical. With COVID-19 looming and lockdowns intensifying, taking a walk around your neighbourhood each day will do wonders for your health. […]


10 Low-light Plants to Raise During Lockdown

By Keara Long / November 6, 2020

Lockdown may seem dismal, but there is a way for you to make your experience a bit more exciting; plants! Below I have provided a list of houseplants that can survive in low light, perfect for being kept indoors during the winter. These plants will be a nice addition to your living space. They will […]


Dia de Muertos: A Celebration of Culture, History, and Family

By Keara Long / October 30, 2020

Dia de Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is an annually celebrated Mexican holiday that begins on November 1st and ends the following day. It is a lively and vibrant celebration that honours both life and death. It is a holiday that brings families together as a celebration of each other, and a remembrance of […]

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