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Get Christmas trees recycled in Dublin for free at these locations

By Peter Dlhopolec / January 7, 2020

People can choose any of these 11 drop-off points to have their Christmas trees recycled around Dublin.  Christmas season is officially over, and people all over are taking their Christmas trees down. Those who have not yet thrown away their tree can use a free-of-charge service offered by the Dublin City Council and have their […]


Keeping it green and clean: recycling rules in Dublin

By Emma Grove / December 4, 2019

Recycling rules in Dublin are hard to navigate. What can you recycle at home versus what goes to a centre, versus what’s not recycling at all? The list goes on and on. Here at Babylon we want to help you keep things clean and green with our guide to recycling rules in Dublin.   Recycling […]


Have yourself a merry green Christmas: A guide

By Carlotta Cutrale / December 4, 2019

Christmas can be a joyful and affectionate time for many. But it is also a difficult time for raising awareness about the environment. Looking for some tips on how to reduce your impact on Mama Earth this festive season? Check out this guide on how to have a very green Christmas. Christmas is not just […]