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New law opens the Irish e-scooter market

By Nicole Hennessy / May 10, 2021

E-scooters are finally being legislated for in Ireland. Although a lack of legislation has not stopped people using privately-owned e-scooters on roads across Ireland, it has so far prevented rental companies, such as Lime and Bird, from entering the market. So, what will change when the new laws come in? And what does the bill […]


Protecting animals: Ireland’s first wildlife hospital

By Pauline Stahl / May 6, 2021

Since the pandemic, working from home and lacking social contact, more and more people have discovered nature for themselves. With that also comes an increasing awareness of animals living on land and in the sea – especially when they’re injured. In Ireland’s first wildlife hospital, staff and volunteers are busier than ever. Where people once […]


Irelands CSR future: are we doing enough?

By Sonia / May 4, 2021

Climate change is fast becoming one of the most important topics of the decade, with activists of all ages and nationalities now mobilising and urging global leaders to take action and hold their governments accountable. Is it time for Ireland also to take a stand? What is CSR? Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the term […]


Is vegan leather the opposite of ethical?

By Alison Law / April 9, 2021

Is too much vegan bad for the planet? Can we reduce the carbon footprint if too many vegan products are made from plastic? These are questions that have been raised about the emerging market for vegan leather and alternative clothing. Whilst vegan is certainly a cruelty-free choice, is it too bad for the environment? Or […]


Seaspiracy Review

By Alison Law / April 7, 2021

Photo Credit: Netflix On 24 March, a Netflix documentary captivated viewers across the globe. The week it was released, it was talked about like no other documentary in a long time. Seapiracy raised concerns and opened the eyes of many about the truth of commercial fishing, and the harm humans are doing to the oceans.  […]


The most eco-friendly countries in the world

By Alison Law / April 6, 2021

Iceland An outstanding figure of 99% of Iceland’s energy is generated by renewable energy. How magnificent is that? The renewable energy they use is geothermal energy and hydropower. When it comes to energy usage and energy sources, Iceland is sustainable with its approach.  From Reykjavik Convention Bureau:  “Reykjavik is a global centre for renewable energy […]


How Climate Change can affect our health

By Alison Law / March 28, 2021

When we think about Climate Change, our mind jumps to the planet’s health and well-being. Although it is good to think of the planet’s wellness, we need to look at how it will affect our bodies and minds. Many of us have gained anxieties surrounding climate change and recognising that there are some things we […]


5 Hotspots for Staycations in Wicklow

By KathyAnn Murphy / March 26, 2021

There have been many hints towards the possibility of staycations in Ireland this coming summer. With the economic downturn in the hospitality and small business sectors, it would be a great opportunity for us to give back to our local amenities and businesses by staying within our country during these summer holidays.  Virtual tourism: new […]


Countries that climate change is most affecting: Why we need urgent action

By Alison Law / March 25, 2021

Climate change is making its presence felt on Earth today, and we see unusual weather patterns and natural disasters with increasing frequency. Those countries that are economically disadvantaged are those that are most affected by global warming.   Accountability is more important than we think when we talk about climate change. We as individuals need […]

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