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Leonardo Parada Borda

Leo is a student journalist at the Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) who's passionate about swimming and writing. He was born in South America and is now living in Greystones, County Wicklow.


Why Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is Beneficial for the Body

By Leonardo Parada Borda / April 19, 2021

  Here are some reasons why Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is beneficial for both your self-defence and your body   Origins of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Known as the “gentle art”, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is one of the world’s most effective and fastest-growing sports. BJJ originates from Japan, where samurai warriors used this martial art (back then called Ju-Jitsu) […]


Growth of Podcasts in 2021

By Leonardo Parada Borda / April 16, 2021

The podcast and radio production industry has significantly grown in 2021, and here’s why.   Podcasts have been around for quite some time now. As many people were hopping on the bandwagon by creating podcasts with friends, I decided to give it a go during the pandemic. Personally, creating podcasts was one of the most […]


College during the Pandemic: It isn’t the same

By Leonardo Parada Borda / April 14, 2021

College isn’t what it used to be anymore as students are finding it harder to stay motivated during the pandemic.   The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in Irish colleges and universities closing and continuing learning online from home. Students all over the country have mixed opinions about the new online system. Some agree, some disagree. Social […]


Interview: Leah Burke on Better Pay for Student Nurses

By Leonardo Parada Borda / April 6, 2021

Irish student nurse, Leah Burke, discusses the frontline experience during Covid-19 and student pay.   Leah Burke, a third-year student nurse from Athlone, has seen the best and worst when working in hospitals before and during the Covid-19 pandemic. Knowing that student nurses all over the country have put themselves and their loved ones at […]


Are Irish College Students Paying Too Much?

By Leonardo Parada Borda / April 4, 2021

Ireland is one of Europe’s most expensive countries for third-level education, according to student representative bodies.   College fees are one of the most problematic situations a student faces in Ireland. According to The Zurich Cost of Education Survey 2020, students who are residents of Ireland can be paying annual fees up to €8,467 with […]


5 Astronomical Events You Won’t Want To Miss In 2021

By Leonardo Parada Borda / April 2, 2021

Here are five astronomical events happening this year that you definitely won’t want to miss.   The year 2021 is a year full of breath-taking astronomical events that will literally be out of this world. If you are an astronomy enthusiast looking to catch a glimpse of extraordinary celestial happenings, you definitely won’t want to […]


The Importance of Routines During Lockdown

By Leonardo Parada Borda / March 29, 2021

The importance of having a routine during lockdown is crucial. Here are some habits you can adopt to make sure you keep a healthy mental state.   Keeping the mind occupied and healthy during times like these – when we are isolating from friends, family, and colleagues – is very important. Keeping ourselves busy and […]


5 Culturally Diverse Cities You Need To Visit

By Leonardo Parada Borda / March 26, 2021

Five breath-taking, culturally diverse cities you need to visit right after the lockdown   Many of the world’s best-known cities are multicultural and have successfully adopted a variety of cultures and ethnicities from around the world. This is understood to enhance creativity and innovation, help the local economy, and create additional employment opportunities; and also […]


5 Reasons to Start Sea Swimming in 2021

By Leonardo Parada Borda / March 24, 2021

Here are five reasons why sea swimming is an exciting and beneficial way to keep yourself mentally and physically healthy in 2021.   Life during the Covid-19 pandemic can leave people feeling anxious and stressed out, especially when restrictions are in place. Sea swimming is a form of hydrotherapy in which the human body benefits […]