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Opening a bank account in Ireland could be a tedious job. You will need to provide a number of documents and get yourself an appointment before you can get an account. 

Even after booking your appointment, you will need to wait a few days for your bank account to be activated before you can use it. 

In most situations, you will need two documents to open a bank account in Ireland. One is a valid photo ID which can be your passport, driving licence or national identity card (if you’re an EU citizen). 

The second is a proof of address which can be gotten using a recent utility bill (less than 6 months old) and a recent bank statement (less than 6 months old). 

You can also get a proof of address is a letter from a government department or authority like your school or place of work. 

However, the best form of proof of address is Tax Credits Certificate which is issued by the Irish Revenue Office when you are legally employed in Ireland. Getting this document means you azX need a job in Ireland. 

Opening an account online? 

Opening a bank account in Ireland online is not quite as easy as it may seem. Doing this is not possible with every bank in the country. 

If you need to open an account online, you need to download an application form, fill it in and mail it to the bank together with copies of your photo ID and proof of address documents.

Depending on the bank, it could take up to five working days for your application to be reviewed, your account created and having your debit card sent to you.

 Banks in Ireland

The most commonly used banks in Ireland are Ulster Bank Ireland, Bank of Ireland (BOI), Permanent TSB, Allied Irish Bank (AIB), and KBC. These banks offer joint accounts, student accounts and current accounts. 

They all also provide Visa debit cards, mobile and online banking and mobile apps. You can use your debit cards to pay for bills (electricity, gas, phone and water if applicable) 

Internet banking

Internet banking is common in Ireland – with AIB , Ulster Bank , Permanent TSB and Bank of Ireland all providing internet banking facilities. 

Even if you are going to use online banking – try and open an account with a bank that has a local branch. 

As good as internet banking is – there will always be a need to make visits to the bank now and then to get cash or deposit cash.

List of popular banks in Ireland:


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