‘Be Mine’, the new wedding ballad of Fly the Nest

Ready for the weekend? During Covid, it is time to chill out and let your feelings settle down. To help with this, Babylon brings you ‘Be Mine’, a new single by the Irish singer Stephen Cooper from his solo project Fly the Nest

Stephen Cooper is back. A month after releasing his most popular song at the moment,‘One in a Million’, the Dublin native has composed a heartfelt ballad. ‘Be Mine’ consists of a willful piano, acoustic guitar, strings, and an emotive vocal performance. And it has all the building blocks to be at the top of your playlist!

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It’s a wedding present that I wrote and recorded for my best mates wedding in August” he says. He goes on to say: “The song got an amazing reaction at the reception. I think a lot of people, and not just the newlyweds, could relate to the song ‘a profession and promise of love, of looking back at how far you’ve come but also forward to the future and growing old together’. This made me decide to officially release the song.” 

Somehow, the young artist started singing at the age of 18 and has not stopped since then. He also writes for sync licensing and revealed that writing for film and TV has opened up another facet of his creativity. It’s helped him find his sound, which he calls ‘cinematic rock’. Last year he started this solo project Fly the Nest, under which he writes and releases his own music. 

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As a curiosity, ‘Be Mine’ was recorded, mixed, and mastered in Cabin Space Studios with Gavin Doyle. As catchy as his project name, its beginning is just so powerful. 

Be mine

Hold me close all of the time

Won’t you be mine

My my, You started a fire that’s burning deep inside

All of the time

Between subtle piano chords, his sweet voice wanders. Once the guitar comes, you feel like you are in a Richard Curtis love story movie. From here, you can feel the tenderness in each verse, the next one softer than the previous one. 

Personally, my favourite part of the song is the second verse. I invite you all to draw your own conclusions…

Be mine, Looks like my luck stars aligned , At the right time 

We’re like a fine wine

We seem to just get better over time 

But tonight

Also, the Middle 8 part in every song brings a different quality to them to help it develop. These ‘Oh oh oh oh’ builds personality to the song. It actually reminds us of Kodaline and Coldplay, nostalgic but alive.

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Moving from Ireland to Denmark, the name of Fly the Nest came from travelling and moving on from a previous musical journey to the one he’s currently on. During lockdown, Stephen busked in apartment courtyards, setting up a busking system with some fellow musicians. 

Sometimes, he also interacts with the audience on his Instagram profile with questions such as: “Extended restrictive measures means no gigs and more writing, anything you want me to write about?” Follow him and get inspired while inspiring himself back!

So? Did you like it? What do you think about this ballad?

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Listen: Spotify and Youtube

Phone number: +353 86 809 7249

E-mail: flythenestofficial@hotmail.com

Any song you recommend for us for the weekend? Have a great one!

Tami Pereira
Tami Pereira

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