I am from the Brazilian state of São Paulo. 

I am a musician, composer and guitar player and I used to play in churches and events in Brazil. 

I started to study to be a Dj in Brazil and really started here as a professional after lockdown. I like several styles of music, so that makes it easier to reach people of different nationalities.

I am a Dj open format that performs Brazilian music, Electronic music, Pop music, Techno, tech House, Psy trance and Reggaeton.

 I have been performing at birthdays, weddings, gigs, festivals, raves, carnivals with Brazilian music, Latin music and electronic music and I am the owner of B56 EVENTS and resident DJ in Fibber Magees, Xico and The Bohemian Pub.

Since then it came up opportunities to me be performing in different types of parties and in another counties and countries as well getting a lot of experience as a Dj and increasing the name of B56 Events.

I have a goal that is to increase my name as a Dj and producer of B56 Events, and to expand my projects to other countries.