9 Best apps that make life easier in Dublin

In the age of digital natives, we always have our mobile phones with us. We use it for everything possible in life: Chatting with our friends and family, listening to music or playing games on it. Some of us even try to find the love of their lives with it. But different countries use different apps. While people in China couldn’t live without WeChat, most Irish people probably haven’t heard about it before. So the point is to know which apps are usually used in a certain city or country. In this guide, I’ll introduce you to the best apps you should have on your phone in Dublin.


This app will help you especially if you have just moved to Dublin and don’t know many people yet. At Meetup you can find groups and events for all interests. Whether you’re looking for groups to do sports together, go on a hike or have a fun night out at the pub, you’ll definitely find an event that suits you. And once you’ve made your first contacts, you’ll quickly feel at home in Dublin. Download the app, sign in, and join your first event. It’s free and you can also visit Meetup on its website

Taxi apps – FREE NOW and Bolt

If you think public transport is enough for you and taxis are too expensive anyway, you’re wrong. First of all, let me tell you that buses in Dublin often take longer than bicycles or taxis, because they take a lot of detours and stop almost every 100 metre. Another disadvantage is that most buses only run until midnight. This is especially annoying on weekends when you are out in a club. From then on, you’re dependent on a taxi anyway.

And here we are with the advantages of taxi services in Dublin. Compared to other countries, taking a taxi in Dublin isn’t that expensive. A ride from the city centre to the countryside in the south costs about 15€, which is fair enough. There are a large number of taxis in Dublin. But to make sure you’ll get a taxi, apps like Bolt or FREE NOW are recommendable. In particular on nights when buses have finished for the night and everyone is dependent on a taxi, those apps are very useful. They show you how much your ride will cost and how long they will take to pick you up. 

Public transport apps – Leap Top up, Dublin Bus and Irish Rail

Dublin Bus
Dublin Bus

If you do decide to use public transport, there are a number of apps that will make it easier for you to get around. The first thing you have to know when you use the buses is that they only accept cash and Leap Card. And if this isn’t oldschool enough, they only accept coins. But don’t be afraid, there is of course an alternative for the ones who have already entered the cashless lifestyle. They use the “Leap card”, a kind of debit card for public transport in Dublin. You load money on it and everytime you enter a bus or train, you present it to the terminal and the fare will be debited.

To charge the card with money, the easiest way is doing this by the app “Leap Top-Up”. Make sure your phone supports NFC. In case it does, you only have to open the app, put your Leap Card on your phone and choose the amount you want to charge on your Leap Card.

To find out which bus routes you need for your journey, download the “Dublin Bus” app for iOS or Android. Just enter your starting and ending point there and the app will find the right connection for you. You get the same information for the Irish rail by downloading the app “Irish Rail”. 


To save money I highly recommend you to download Groupon. You may have heard of it before, because Groupon offers you deals in many countries and cities. Their deals range from tempting meals and dinners to funny activities to relaxing massages. If you’re not sure where to eat, just check the offers at Groupon, grab a friend or go there alone and enjoy your time. 


best apps dublin

An opportunity to find the best events of the week(end) is Eventbrite. On Eventbrite you can find gigs by well-known artists and underground artists. But music isn’t the only thing happening there. There are Food Festivals as well as Charity Events. Just pick up what you like. 

Visit Dublin 

Last but not least, a recommendation that is honestly not an app. But if you save it in your favourites in your browser, you can still access it just as quickly. And the mobile version of the website looks also very similar to an app. On Visit Dublin you will not only find events and insider tips, but also ideas for trips in and around Dublin. Another cool feature is the “My Dublin Map”. In this map you can mark places that you have already visited in Dublin or still want to visit. So you don’t forget anything!

Which apps do you thing have to be installed on your phone in Dublin?

All these apps should make your life in Dublin easier and help you to get connected to people. If you use any other apps that you can recommend, please share them in the comments.

Julia Hansjurgen
Julia Hansjurgen

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