4 of the Best Self-Reflection Podcasts to Listen to for Some Headspace

This pandemic, rampant with self-isolation blues (but loads of self-reflection), has wreaked havoc on our mental health. With more alone time with ourselves, it seems we’ve been searching for mental distractions in any way, shape or form – Netflixing, baking, cooking, writing, knitting. How can we forget listening? The embarrassing amount of time I’ve spent on my phone has unlocked a newfound love for a purple-hued app: podcasts. I quickly fell into the abyss of episodic listening, where I could finally use my time to think clearly away from the mental pressures of the year 2020. As a result, I’ve gained some invaluable headspace with all the self-reflection podcasts I could get my hands on!

I’ve created a list of recommendations for the 4 best self-reflection podcasts I’ve been listening to when I’m in need of some headspace. These are merely recommendations, and I encourage you to do your own soul-searching for your favorites!

self-reflection podcasts

Creative Pep Talk

Creative Pep Talk, spearheaded by Andy J. Pizza, an illustrator and public speaker, helps listeners reach their creative potential. Pizza invites famous powerhouse celebrities, such as Joseph Gordon-Levitt (from 500 Days of Summer and Inception) and Abbi Jacobson (from Broad City), to lead creative conversation with monologues of their artistic rise. This podcast definitely tapped into my creative compass, and I found myself reflecting on my own artistic sensibilities.  I even found myself turning the house upside-down to look for my coloured pencils to tackle a new art project I got encouraged to start!

Childhood w/ Chanel & Tiffany

Childhood w/ Chanel & Tiffany is my feel-good go-to for some childhood nostalgia. Hosted by Chanel Miller (the American writer behind Know My Name, a memoir of her sexual assault by Stanford swimmer, Brock Turner) and her younger sister, Tiffany, the podcast delves deep into their nutty childhood. Their episodes are racked with conversations on social anxiety, tender memories, tiny bladders, and Halloween costumes. Each of their episodes unpacks their own childhood memories, but also helps in resurfacing their listeners’ own obscure ones for some self-reflection. Talk about a humorous take on typical self-reflection podcasts!

self-reflection podcasts


Named after the hostesses’ favorite red wine, Dadá Malbec, Dada is one of few self-reflection podcasts in the leisure section with episodes of small wine chats between Moya Mawhinney, an Ireland-born, Dublin-based YouTuber with a love for sustainability, fashion, and studies, and Lauren Fitzpatrick, one of her best friends. Together, this duo talks sweet, fast, and intellectually about their favourite things and go-to recommendations, keeping the ambience alive with thoughts on individuality and self-reflection. It seems like you fit right in with how these two make you feel right at home!

Life Kit

The NPR (National Public Radio, a non-profit public-funded media company based in Washington D.C.) podcast, Life Kit, is simply a toolkit for listeners needing a little help on navigating the real world (with all its scary realities). The self-reflection podcast deals with a range of topics, from saving money and parenting snotty toddlers to grieving over the holidays and running the distance. They help listeners keep their spirits high by helping them get it together (even in the midst of a pandemic). Not to mention, each episode is only fifteen minutes long, the perfect amount of time that won’t backlog the to-do list!

So, make yourself a steaming cup of Barry’s tea and take out your facial masks and skin moisturizers. Maybe even consider running a bath and picking your favorite casual clothes. Today is the day to make room for some much-needed headspace built on self-reflection podcasts – and you’ll only need your headphones to get started. Go on and seize the day!

Melanie Romero
Melanie Romero

Melanie Romero is a creative writer and college student based in Orange County, California. When she’s not overworking herself to meet a deadline, she can be found drinking an iced chai at her local organic café, making sufganiyot from scratch, or collecting paperbacks.


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