Things To Do while staying at home in Self-Isolation

Irrespective of whether you’re going to work, working from home, practising social distancing or fully self-isolating, life is pretty hard right now.

Looking for something to do alone or while self-isolating, so that you do not get bored during quarantine?

Here you can find out some interesting ideas that you can practise while staying at home without getting bored.

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1. Join an online course: Learn something new. It’s always fun to learn something new in your spare time. Shaw Academy, Coursera etc are some online platforms which provide online courses which you can take while staying in isolation. You can also try learning any new language through online E-Learning. It would turn your boring isolation into a fun one.



2. Enhance your cooking skills: Learn more about diet so that whenever you’re sick, it helps to know some good recipes and helping your immune system is much more necessary in these virus-ridden days. See many new recipes and cook one. It would make life simpler, as well as being fun to do if you prepare in batches and freeze extra portions.



3. Follow a Workout Routine: The idea of staying at home for some extended amount of time may sound daunting and a little frightening, particularly if you’re someone who loves getting fit and healthy and reaching the regular step count, or an elderly person who might be concerned about being alone.

Instead of making you fear loneliness, consider taking it as a way to get yourself on with new at-home routines, integrate better-simplified behaviours into your regular life and change up things a little bit. Various online YouTube workout sessions and different applications are available on digital platforms to help you to stay fit.



4. Clean up the social media: Without a doubt, the amount of time we’re going to spend on our phones during this time will be a hell of a lot more than we’re used to. Be sure all the feeds you swipe through are full of inspiration and positivity. Follow the list of those who inspire you and unfollow those that don’t make you feel good. Fill your timeline up with humour, inspiration and affection. Make sure that while you spend time on socials, what you consume is worth your time.


5. Write a Journal: Whatever the condition of self-isolation, writing for just 10 minutes a day will stimulate both younger and older minds. It will even emotionally help you to clear your mind and relieve tension. Take a pen and a lovely writing pad and write freely, without concern of punctuation, spelling or sentences mistakes. Express your thoughts and desires on your writing pad.



6: Organising Virtual Parties: Try to use your weekend, friends birthday by planning some virtual parties on your video calling apps. Find out some of the ideas which you can use making your boring weekend nights into an amazing one.

Birthday Party: If you’ve any friend’s birthday happening during the lockdown, give them a surprise video call with your friends. Sing birthday songs together. It will surely bring a smile to their face.

Dinner Party: Get your group to meet at a set time with your favourite video chat software or app, get everyone to grab their dinner of choice, and enjoy a meal together, just like pre-COVID-19 times.

Karaoke Night: You can organise your own Karaoke night with friends on a webcam or app. You and your buddies can use your favourite video chat program and take turns to sing your heart into a webcam. If you want to be a little more advanced, you might also use screen sharing to let others see the YouTube lyric videos you’re using.



7. Mental Health: You might feel a little uneasy or depressed after you have done the things you love. That’s entirely understandable. That’s why it’s so important to take care of our mental health and well-being in isolation. Yoga and Meditation are two important things that can help you in making yourself calm and compose. You can also watch or listen to some mind relaxing videos online in your spare time to keep yourself free of all negativity.



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