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Melanie Romero

Melanie Romero is a creative writer and college student based in Orange County, California. When she’s not overworking herself to meet a deadline, she can be found drinking an iced chai at her local organic café, making sufganiyot from scratch, or collecting paperbacks.


Why the Lovable Irish Actor, Paul Mescal, Should Be on Your Radar

By Melanie Romero / January 19, 2021

As the first lockdown for the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020 resounded across the world, shuttering stores and digitizing work, many found themselves with more free time to snuggle in bed for some mandatory streaming binges. A month into lockdown, The Office reruns and Game of Thrones playbacks were put on hold. Why, you may […]


Chromesthesia: Listening to Music in Colour

By Melanie Romero / January 17, 2021

Do you see letters and numbers in colours only visible to you; for instance, is your “S” a cerulean blue or is it more of a watermelon pink? Maybe a rockmelon orange? Can you actually taste pennies on the tip of your tongue when you hear the word “blood,” or is it just the word […]


7 Reasons Why Dunnes is the Superior Irish Supermarket

By Melanie Romero / January 8, 2021

According to the latest figures from Kantar in November 2020, Dunnes – the beloved Irish supermarket with locations in Ireland and formerly in Scotland and England – claims the highest share of the Irish grocery market. Coming in at 22.2%, Dunnes has soared in sales across the grocery sector, beating out competitors and becoming the […]


What’s the Craic? 16 Essential Irish Slang Words You Should Know

By Melanie Romero / January 5, 2021

The common misconception about Ireland is that the main language spoken is English. And, don’t get me wrong – it is! But, the Irish are well-known for their ability to use their slang like it’s the commonplace lingo. What’s the craic? Did you see that deadly series, Normal People? She goes to Trinners – look […]


The Delicious History of a Full Irish Breakfast, Deconstructed

By Melanie Romero / December 31, 2020

If you’ve visited and/or lived in Ireland, then you must know that the full Irish breakfast, or a fry-up, is a glory to behold. The Irish are known for their hearty sit-down meals, and the fry-up is no exception.  The traditional full Irish came to be as a variant of the full English breakfast: gentry […]


6 Brilliant Works of Irish Literature You Need to Read

By Melanie Romero / December 8, 2020

Ireland, despite its small size, is home to scores of world-renowned Irish authors, both classic and contemporary. The Emerald Isle has such a rich, turbulent, and unforgettable history, recorded extensively in its literary canon, that it seems nearly impossible to narrow down this list to the six brilliant works of Irish literature. But, I’ve given […]


4 of the Best Self-Reflection Podcasts to Listen to for Some Headspace

By Melanie Romero / December 6, 2020

This pandemic, rampant with self-isolation blues (but loads of self-reflection), has wreaked havoc on our mental health. With more alone time with ourselves, it seems we’ve been searching for mental distractions in any way, shape or form – Netflixing, baking, cooking, writing, knitting. How can we forget listening? The embarrassing amount of time I’ve spent […]


A Secular Christmas: 5 Festive Ways to Celebrate

By Melanie Romero / December 2, 2020

The Christmas holiday is a festive time, full of joy and celebration for Christians around the world, but for the secular population, it’s an awkward period during the year. There needs to be room for a secular Christmas as well. While Christians attend Mass, retell the story of Jesus’s birth, and set their Nativity figurines […]