9 Amazing books that will get you through lockdown

With a second lockdown looking to be in our near future, it means a lot of people could be at home once more, without a lot to keep them occupied. For the first lockdown, we saw people, baking, running, and coming together as a community. We were lucky that the Irish weather was so nice that we were able to participate in a variety of different activities. But with the colder closing in, if the country were to go back into lockdown this autumn or winter season, you have the perfect excuse to read all those books on your list that you’ve been meaning to. If you don’t have a list though and want something good to read, check out our recommendations!

J.D. Robb In Death Series

Kicking off this list is one of the most popular crime writers out there. J.D. Robb’s In Death series follows Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her Irish billionaire husband Roarke as they solve murders in New York City. This series has a futuristic angle thrown into it as it is set in 2060. Don’t worry if that’s not your thing though because it doesn’t focus on that and you’ll find yourself wondering who the killer is until the very last page of the book. This is quite a big series, boasting an impressive 51 novels so far, but don’t let that deter you. While each book is a continuation of the last you can just as easily read them as a stand-alone and still enjoy them.

Karen Rose Count to Ten

Count to Ten sees Lieutenant Reed Solliday trying to find an arsonist that is steadily spiralling and focuses on his new partner Mia Mitchell. Karen Rose’s books add a horror element to the typical detective novel which makes this hard to put down. If you are looking to get your heart racing this is the book for you. We’d recommend you read it in a well-lit room because things get creepy pretty fast! This is also part of a bigger series but can be read as a stand-alone.

Cassandra Clare Mortal Instruments

This is a 6 book Young Adult Fantasy series that is great from start to finish. Chronologically it is the third series in the over branching Shadowhunter world that Clare has created but it was the first series that was published. The series focuses on Clarissa Fray and her discovery of her hidden heritage and family history. Don’t be discouraged by the Young Adult tag on it, this book focuses on fantasy while the characters just happen to be teenagers entering adulthood. If you want to read fantasy novels but are put off by the sheer size of some (looking at you Game of Thrones) this is a perfect way to see if you are interested in the genre.

Sophie Gonzales Only Mostly Devastated

This is the first LGBT book on the list. This is primarily a love story between Will Tavares and Ollie who meet during summer break. Once summer break ends, so does the fling, until Ollie finds out that he attends the same school as Will. This book will remind you of the likes of Grease or for the younger crowd Highschool Musical. Your cheeks will hurt from smiling by the time you get to the end of this book which is why it made this list. You just can’t beat a happy ending.

J.K. Rowling Harry Potter Series

Everyone knows the Harry Potter series. For Millennials, it is something that we grew up with and there is a reason for that. ‘The book is better than the film’ stance certainly holds with this series as it gives a lot more weight to each character. You will have to read this series to get the full enjoyment out of it. For those that do not know the premise of this series, we join Harry, Hermione, and Ron as they go through their years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Each year they end up in some predicament that involves Harry’s arch-nemesis Voldemort. If you haven’t read Harry Potter, there’s no better time than lockdown to do it!

Alice Oseman Heartstopper: Volume One

This is an LGBT graphic novel that is another coming-of-age romance, this time between Charlie and Nick. It is set in the United Kingdom and while it focuses on their romance it does bring up important topics such as bullying, being outed, and how that can affect a person. This is a good contemporary read that brings these issues to light while telling the beautiful story of Charlie and Nick. A great graphic novel to sink your teeth into this lockdown.

Sarah J. Maas Throne of Glass Series

Sarah J. Maas is known mostly for her A Court of Thorn and Roses series which is a good series and was the first one that was recommended to me. The book shop didn’t have it so I picked up A Throne of Glass instead and I haven’t regretted it. This series will put you through the wringer, so much that after I finished Kingdom of Ash, I had to take a week off of reading to just process. The plot follows Celaena Sardothien who is serving time in the salt mines for her crimes. Prince Dorian comes to free her on the condition that she acts as his champion in a competition to find the new royal assassin. It is a fantasy series that just keeps giving. If there was one series you wanted to get immersed in this lockdown, this would be the one.

Christine Feehan Torpedo Ink Series  

There are currently four of these books out in this series with the fifth one coming out in February 2021. This is a series that is not for the faint of heart as it approaches pretty serious topics that not all would be comfortable reading about. I would recommend going onto Goodreads and looking up some reviews before you start it.

If you are like me though and you loved the Drake Sister and Sea Haven series, you will love this one. The other two series that precede this one are a lot tamer than Torpedo Ink. This series follows a motorcycle club that is full of ex Russian assassins that now use their skills for good and are trying to take down a sex trafficking ring. These books can be quite heavy but if you give it a chance you will fall in love with these characters and their backstories.

Kalynn Bayron Cinderella is Dead

It’s been 200 years since Cinderella has found her prince, but Sophia knows it off by heart as she and every other little girl have to recite it daily until the night she is sent to the ball to find her prince. If a suitable match is not made the girls are never heard from again. This book is a fresh take on a classic story and breaks down the usual fairy tale tropes. This is a great book if you’re looking for one on women empowerment and changing the narrative. It is a stand-alone book if you don’t like the thoughts of getting invested in a series.

These are just a few of the books and series to get you started over the lockdown. Do you have any of the books mentioned on this list or have a series you just love? Let me know what your favourite is down in the comments!

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