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6 Pagan Gods and Goddesses that were worshipped by the Irish

By Katie Boland / November 25, 2020

Before Christianity reached the shores of Ireland, Paganism was the main religion that was practised. The Irish people worshipped more than just one God and, to be honest, it seemed like a better time all around, not thinking you are going to hell for any minor infraction. Here is a list of 6 Pagan gods […]


Why the trailer of Wild Mountain Thyme so was badly received

By Katie Boland / November 18, 2020

Ireland is a country known for its gorgeous views and friendly people, so it is no wonder that movies such as Star Wars, Braveheart, Harry Potter, and The Princess Bride made use of it. For some reason, though, when you have any type of Hollywood movie that is set in Ireland it somehow manages to […]


The gatekeeping of Irish culture

By Katie Boland / November 13, 2020

Gatekeeping is never something that should be done, but especially with culture, as culture is there to be celebrated and not hidden away. To know more about how people are gatekeeping Irish culture we need to know more about the culture and history itself. Irish culture how it was Irish culture or Gaelic Ireland is […]


Which of the big 3 anime is the best?

By Katie Boland / November 10, 2020

For a few years now anime has been becoming more mainstream in western countries and with that, the ranking of the big three anime has become more prominent. The consensus is that these three anime are Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach. All of them have huge followings and a lot of episodes per show. Before […]


Top 10 Marvel heroes and villains

By Katie Boland / November 4, 2020

Since the first Iron Man movie hit the big screen in 2008 there has been a big surge in the popularity of superheroes, especially Marvel. This list will look at the top 10 villains and heroes counting down to the best of both. Before jumping into the list just know that this list is subjective […]


Have the holidays become too commercialised?

By Katie Boland / October 28, 2020

Many holidays are celebrated throughout the year in Ireland and all of them are a part of the Irish tradition and culture. This article is going to focus on only three of the main holidays: Christmas, Halloween, and Easter. Before we get into if these holidays have become too commercialised, we have to take a […]


5 Irish myths and legends

By Katie Boland / October 23, 2020

Ireland is a country that is known for its myths and legends. Storytelling has always been an important part of Irish culture and still is today, with many of these stories handed down through the generations. These stories are from a pre-Christian Ireland and with the arrival of Christianity, many were transcribed, preserving these tales. […]


Has the world become too PC?

By Katie Boland / October 21, 2020

Political correctness (often referred to as PC)  is a term that is often used to describe language, policies, or measures that are intended to avoid offence or disadvantage to members of particular groups in society. Within public discourse and the media, the term usually has a negative connotation attached to it, often implying that the […]


9 Amazing books that will get you through lockdown

By Katie Boland / October 16, 2020

With a second lockdown looking to be in our near future, it means a lot of people could be at home once more, without a lot to keep them occupied. For the first lockdown, we saw people, baking, running, and coming together as a community. We were lucky that the Irish weather was so nice […]


Sports fans: Extreme cosplayers

By Katie Boland / October 13, 2020

The term cosplay was coined in 1984 in Japan. Cosplay is a performance art in which the participants, referred to as cosplayers, wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character. There is a broader term that is more often used. Cosplay often applies to any costumed role-playing; some of the most popular sources […]

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