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Dublin: Captivating activities on Tuesday 5 March


Fancy a cinematic escapade in Sardinia? Exploring the secrets of Irish photography? Or delve into the fascinating world of brain science? Dublin offers you a whole host of options this 5 March! “Visioni sarde” 2023 Short Films – Screening of…

6 unforgettable Ireland march festivals

Ireland March Festivals

March is a time of transition, as winter fades away and the promise of spring fills the air. Beyond St. Patrick’s Day parades, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in every corner of the country. Join to explore Ireland March…

6 March Events to check out this weekend

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Weekend Wonders: Your Guide to March’s First Weekend Events. Explore the diverse and exciting events happening in Dublin, ranging from juggling workshops to intimate music concerts and electrifying rave parties. Friday 1st March Juggling for beginners (adults) Discover march events…

Top 6 Pancake Tuesday Events

Pancake Tuesday events in Dublin

Step aside, Monday blues! Tuesdays are here to steal the spotlight with a lineup of events that’ll make you forget it’s only the second day of the week. If you’re looking to add a special touch to Pancake Tuesday, here’s…


Stuff to do in Dublin this weekend: Here's the list

Are you also tired of looking for stuff to do in Dublin this weekend? Worry not, we have you completely covered. If you don’t feel like hopping bars and pubs through a stormy city centre this weekend, here are a…