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Social Welfare Means Testing in Ireland

By Jacqueline Russe / February 27, 2020

For some social welfare payment schemes, you must pass a means test. But what exactly is it and how does means testing in Ireland work? Some types of social welfare payments require you to satisfy a means test as well as a habitual residence test. The means test is a way of checking if you […]


Vehicle Registration Tax in Ireland

By Emma Grove / February 21, 2020

Whether you’re buying a new ride or importing your baby from another country, you must register your car with the Revenue Commission and pay a Vehicle Registration Tax in Ireland before you take to the roads. Not sure what Vehicle Registration Tax is? Read more to find out! When you buy a new car or […]


All you need to know about Capital Gains Tax in Ireland

By Jacqueline Russe / February 19, 2020

Different country, different customs, as well as different amounts of taxes to pay. There are some taxes you need to be aware of, like the Capital Gains Tax in Ireland. Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is a tax you pay on any profit made when you dispose of an asset. Not the whole amount you receive […]


How does the Social Welfare System in Ireland work?

By Jacqueline Russe / February 17, 2020

Social welfare is an important part of a functional society, no matter how small. But who is responsible for the social welfare system in Ireland and who is eligible for social welfare payments? Social welfare schemes are organised public or private social services to assist disadvantaged groups of people, for example, single parents or the […]


Income tax in Ireland: a guide

By Emma Grove / February 17, 2020

Income tax is a tricky thing to wrap your head around anywhere in the world, let alone in when you move to a new country. You know you have to pay it but how much are you charged? Are there ways to reduce the amount of income tax in Ireland you have to pay? How […]


How to get an Irish bank account

By Eli Romary / February 14, 2020

If you want to live and work in Ireland, chances are you will need an Irish bank account. After moving here, this is probably one of the first things you will want to do after getting a PPS number. However, since there are many different banks and account types to choose from, how will you […]


Social Housing in Ireland: All you need to know

By Jacqueline Russe / February 13, 2020

Many people all over the world rely on social housing. But what exactly is it and who provides social housing in Ireland? Social housing is a kind of housing meant for people who can’t afford their own accommodation for whatever reason. Local authorities are the main provider of social housing in Ireland. Local authority housing […]


Planning permission and building a house in Ireland

By Nicholas Lane / February 13, 2020

The Irish dream isn’t a white picket fence and a Cadillac, it’s most likely a wee family, a decent house and a bit of privacy ‒ you need planning permission before building a family nest, so here’s all you need to know, from the rules to the application process.  Building a house is a monumental […]


How to apply for an Irish bank loan

By Eli Romary / February 13, 2020

As the cost of living rises, so does the cost of basic necessities. Things like housing, cars, and travel are becoming more expensive than in the past. In order to combat the rising costs, there is no shame in taking out a loan in order to ease financial burden. Here is everything you need to […]


Renting in Ireland: all the info you need to know

By Carlotta Cutrale / February 6, 2020

Renting in Ireland is the first thing you might want to do after you move. The best solution is to take a room for rent or even a house. Check this overview on renting in Ireland.  You might have found a job in Ireland but you are still looking for a place to stay. It’s a […]

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