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Virtual Influencers become a thing on Instagram

By Juliane Girl / March 6, 2019

Our daily lives are gradually shifting into the digital sphere. Leaving behind the mortal world, we socialize on the internet, make friends on the internet, fall in love on the internet, and spend our pastime on the internet. Nowadays, It’s the Instagram influencers that set trends, telling thousands of followers how to live this or […]


If you feel like pancakes, click here!

By Andreina Gonzalez / March 5, 2019

Today is Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Tuesday, and we thought you may like to know how to make pancakes or where to buy them. Believe it or not, the celebration has a religious origin usually, it is celebrated the last Tuesday before the beginning of the Lent, that begins with the famous Ash […]


The boom of Humanist Weddings

By Andreina Gonzalez / March 1, 2019

And what God hath not joined together, a man may put asunder I was born in a society that believes marriage is an essential part of adulthood. Those who want to build a family must get married beforehand. I was also raised Catholic and, I never questioned the importance of marriage and the need for […]


7 Reasons why you should go on a Solo Trip

By Andreina Gonzalez / February 28, 2019

If you have never been on a solo trip there are usually two reasons for it. For some, the idea of going on a trip on their own is a real challenge, is scary and uncomfortable. For some others, it is the thing they have been waiting for but haven’t had the time/money to do it. […]


Is Parmigiano perfect food?

By Francesco Iriti / January 29, 2019

Is Parmigiano perfect food? Parmigiano-Reggiano is a cheese that can only be made with extremely precise ingredients. There are only three ingredients: milk, salt, and rennet, the enzyme that curdles milk. There is Parmigiano’s taste: salty but sweet, grassy but nutty, sharp but rich. There’s its texture: hard but grainy, popping with white crystals. Parmigiano: […]


Some of the best places to celebrate Christmas

By admin / December 12, 2018

Don’t you know where to celebrate Christmas? If you are still looking for a place where you can go for dinner with friends or family, or somewhere to enjoy after dinner, these are some of the best places to go in Dublin. Sometimes finding a place to stay and that everyone likes is a really […]


The best Christmas Markets in Ireland this 2018

By Lucia Garrido Vázquez / November 30, 2018

Don’t you know what to to at Christmas? The Christmas markets are the best option to enjoy these holidays.  The arrival of the cold doesn’t mean that you should stay at home. Although watching a film lying on the couch and covered with a blanket may seem the best plan for Christmas, there are many […]


Modern Internet Literature: Meme

By Chloe Li / July 31, 2018

Have you heard of meme before? It is a trendy communication tool on the internet among the netizens. It is a virtually-transmitted cultural symbol and social idea. According to the definition by the Oxford Dictionary, it literally means images, videos, or even piece of text etc. It may be humorous about society or nature typically. […]


The Hidden Flag in Russia

By Carlo Colleluori / July 9, 2018

Maybe nobody knows that in Russia to show and display rainbow flag can be punishable by a jail sentence, as it is classified as ‘gay propaganda’. Life for homosexual people there is very hard and full of risks and punishments, and what should just be easy, becomes an every day challenge. And a challenge is […]


Dublin Going Vegan

By Sambhavi Sudhakar / June 16, 2018

              As one of the twenty first century’s fastest growing movements, veganism entails exceptional moral, health and environmental benefits. In propagating a lifestyle that categorically abstains from the commodification of all sentient beings, the philosophy of veganism is deeply intertwined with animal ethics. Contrary to its conventional perception as highly limited in terms of options, […]

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