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‘Super Saturday’ – Pubs, bars and cafes open in Belfast

By Emily Booth / July 9, 2020

Last weekend, we saw the six counties of Northern Ireland catch up with the Republic’s lockdown lifting.  From Friday 3rd July, bars, pubs and cafes were finally allowed to open their doors to their cold pint, and artisan coffee thirsty customers.  Cue, ‘Super Saturday’. The highly anticipated reopening day, however, had many questions looming;  -How […]


An American in Dublin: 5 surprises in Ireland’s capital

By Nicholas Boonstra / July 8, 2020

It was about this time last year that I was getting ready for my first ever trip to Dublin. As an American with Irish roots, I anticipated that the trip would be unlike anything I had ever experienced. Of course, it was a dream! I even found that the city surprised me in some interesting […]


10 Irish children’s books

By Kamila Mushkina / July 8, 2020

Irish children’s books offer engaging stories and colourful illustrations. Plus, they can take a child on a journey across Irish ancient legends and modern fairytales. If you want your child to learn more about Ireland, consider one of these books by Irish authors!


Food and culture: how are they related?

By Kamila Mushkina / July 6, 2020

Is there a connection between food and culture? Well, yes. Culture affects what and how people eat, and food shapes how people identify themselves. Keep reading if you want to learn more about how food and culture are related!


Discover EU Travel Pass: A Comprehensive Guide

By Shrinwanti Mistri / July 6, 2020

Are you 18 years old and a citizen of the European Union? Do you love to travel and explore new cultures? Do you want to embark on an “eye-popping experience”? If yes, then the “Discover EU Travel Pass” is undoubtedly going to be your best companion!  What is the Discover EU initiative? Discover EU is […]


How to transform your rented apartment and make it more homely

By Kamila Mushkina / July 1, 2020

Do you know the feeling when your rented apartment doesn’t feel like home? Perhaps it’s because people don’t think it’s worth the effort to decorate a short-term rented apartment. However, you don’t have to make a great renovation, as there are some simple ideas that will help you turn your apartment into your dream place […]


Irish beaches you simply must visit

By Conor Lynch / June 30, 2020

When one thinks about Ireland, a couple of things spring to mind: Guinness, friendly and hospitable people, and a lot of rain. Often overlooked are the hidden gems of Irish beaches that our small island possesses.  Understandably so, seeing as we (if lucky) get, I would say, around a full month of complete sunshine year […]


10 best Irish plays

By Sean Quigley / June 26, 2020

Theatre does something that no other medium can do. While a good film can draw you in, a play can create a physical world right in front of you. In some cases, they make you a part of the show. Theatre has been at the heart of Irish arts for decades, and most plays have […]


The magic of Irish primary school life

By Conor Lynch / June 25, 2020

From unforgettable school tours to the almost over-joyed level of excitement when a non-uniform day came around, Irish primary school life was and no-doubt still is quite eventful. Words that I would typically associate with primary school life in Ireland would be healthiness, happiness, and a whole lot of fun and excitement. Let’s get into […]

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